9/11 display relocated due to ‘triggering, harmful’ messages

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is relegating a memorial to the victims of 9/11 to a secluded area of campus, rather than the central location it had occupied in past years.

Members of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at SMU recently filed paperwork for their annual display of flags honoring the victims of 9/11, but administrators denied the request in order to “respect the right of all members of the community to avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.”

  • John Boy

    Besides you don’t want to have those from The Religion of Pieces getting all upset over it going all “Allahu Akbar” on the staff!

  • Alain

    The enemy attacked your country and killed thousands of innocent civilians, and you do not want to upset the enemies of your own country. There are no words to describe such cowardly treason.

  • WalterBannon

    remember the dead is triggering who?

    anyone who is triggered by this needs to be deported

  • Abu Nudnik

    If the flag of your nation is disrespectful to you, you must move to another nation.

  • Editor

    First off, the Memorial needs to be moved back to the central location to ensure “all members of the community” are made to confront their supposed hurt feelings instead of being shielded from reality.

    The ones that find it triggering need to learn to deal with their emotions and act like adults.

    The ones that find it harmful need to stop redefining the vocabulary and toughen the f*ck up. A Memorial can do you no real “harm”. It can only make you think, remember the 3000+ victims and learn from history.

    And the ones who find it harassing, and the only people I can see that would interpret a Memorial as harassment would be muslims who feel it is accusatory. They just need to acquiesce the actions of their co-religionists and maybe a slap upside the head. Enough tolerating intolerance. We need to stop worrying about staying on the polite, moral high ground and make our voices heard.

    • Lightstream

      Would you please run for Prime Minister in Canada’s next election ?

      • Editor for PM.

        • Editor

          Thank you both for your support but by the time I kiss hands and shake babies from the school board, to the municipal then to provincial and finally to the federal level, I’d be 75 years old.

  • That no one told these people to go and f— themselves ires me.

  • Bla Bla

    the administrators need to be hogtied and tossed out of the campus – effectively yesterday. To hell with these neo-marxist scum.

    • Editor

      Agreed. The snowflake factories need to be reined in first.

  • Concerned Canadian

    I heard this on TV today during an interview. I think it most appropriate in this situation. ” The university administrators need to take a spoonful of concrete and harden up”.

    • Editor

      I think Bla Bla hit the nail on the head a few comments up. Even hardened up with a whole bowl of concrete, the administrators would still be a bunch of neo-marxist scum. It seems to me it would be easy for university administrations across the Western world, when the whiny, disgruntled students bust into their offices with their “demands”, to say “Didn’t you read the brochure? This is our curriculum. Take it or leave it. You asked to come here. If you’re not happy, leave. And get the hell out of my office!” But they don’t. And they won’t. On account of that neo-marxist scum thing Bla Bla was talking about.