Tucker Educates Former DNC Press Sec On Sanctuary Cities

A former DNC press secretary doubled down on debunked talking points on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday and refused to believe a study that found sanctuary cities are not safer than non-sanctuary cities.

Citing the case of an illegal immigrant who was deported 20 times before he allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly woman in Portland, Oregon, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked former DNC press secretary Jose Aristimuno if the case soured his view on sanctuary cities.

  • Gary

    Only a sick and twisted F’er Like Jose can smile and laugh about a 65 year old women being raped by one of his brothers.
    He wants secure borders and support illegals pouring into Cities because it make them safer and richer.

    That’s why Toronto is racing to the $6 billion debt and has record high homicide rates while it has 300,000+ illegals that is creating mainly Public sector Union jobs in Social services at about $60,000.00 a year .
    Those are debt financed jobs and they do not create wealthy to make Toronto richer.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re going about this wrong. Yes yes sanctuary cities are the greatest. Super. Can’t get enough of them. We should send all the millions of illegals we can find to them. Much easier than deporting them. Much easier than fighting with local authorities over federal law. Snatch up all the Mexicans, all the Central Americans, all the MS13 gangbangers all the Somalians, West Africans and so forth. Pack em up and send them all to the promised land. The top 10 or 12 sanctuary cities by headcount adjusted by how much they demand to be sanctuary cities.

    If they’re right, then great! “Immigrants are our future, etc !” Good luck and godspeed. Maybe they are right and they can let all the illegals and others vote or not, hold public office or not, run the schools, the local police force and on and on. Maybe it will be the greatest thing. And if it’s not, oh well.