Tesla: the beautiful, clever, and very immoral automobile

Tesla owners shouldn’t be proud about their “green” machine. Instead, they should be embarrassed about a rich person’s car paid for by poor people’s money.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Moreover the exotic metals and minerals that go into its state of the art batteries and motors often come from third world nations under circumstances little different from blood diamonds. Tesla makes some attempt to address this but they don’t really know where these exotic materials come from. Then again left wing millennials love the iPhone which is built by near-slave labor in China.

  • Gary

    Look at how the morons in the NDP now want to Electrify the GO trains and get rid of the Electric motors in the Engine car that had direct drive from the Diesel engines that work during a power failure and don’t end up like the TTC subway system where rain or power problems shut it down .

    Somehow the NDP found a magical Fairy Dust that they sprinkle onto plastic skipping ropes that turn into Copper wires where we no longer have the toxic process to mine for Copper and create a massive carbon footprint .
    Even the Power stations aren’t needed because the Fairy Dust energized the Copper for FREE Electricity.

    It’s bad enough that the Government employees get paid or get the day off when the Winter freezes up track switches…. but now they will get even more days off when their Train to Toronto has no power or a section is out where their train can’t go past it and they just don’t show up and phone later that they won’t be in.

    Rudolph Diesel cared about the farmers and how it was tough to get Gasoline in many remote areas which was used to power the processing machines that the steam tractors used to do.
    He and Henry Ford built Flex-Fuel engines to run on farm based Bio-fuel such as grain alcohol or for the Diesel…..peanut oil.
    Typical NDP to want to create MORE jobs-4-life to fix the power lines while many GO users make their way to the Diesel powered GO buses to the Diesel powered TTC buses.
    I remember in the mid 1980’s when the same NDP said that the Electric trolley buses in the High Park area were BAD and it’s better to switch to fuel based Buses that aren’t affected by a power failure.

    Peggy Nash doesn’t even read her own Party’s history for Environmental positions because my prediction is that in 2045 the NDP will condemn the Electric GO trains and demand they switch to Diesel engines to drive the DC generators which does less damage to the Planet.

  • Brett_McS

    “Tesla is worse than Solyndra.”

    Foreigners are typically better at gaming the system because other countries are typically more corrupt and that’s the way things are done there on a routine basis, from top to bottom. Elon Musk is obviously an expert, but I still like his SpaceX development.