‘Nameless’ Afghan women begin battle to regain identities

Hmmm Hashtags versus Islam? Not much of a fight.

In response to custom of men not using the names of female relatives in public, a social media campaign aims to change minds.

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—These are some of the terms Afghan men use to refer to their wives in public instead of their names, the sharing of which they see as a grave dishonour worthy of violence: Mother of Children, My Household, My Weak One or sometimes, in far corners, My Goat or My Chicken.

Women also may be called Milk-sharer or Black-headed. The go-to word for Afghans to call a woman in public, no matter her status, is Aunt.

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  • Martin B

    My Goat. That tells you everything you need to know about Afghan men.

  • PaulW

    Islam is a feminist ideology, don’t you know?

  • Gary

    Jack Layton won his MP seat by catering to these 10th century throwback supporters that are refugees from Afghanistan and turned my old neighbourhood on Danforth from a working class clean area into a Quasi-sharia rule islam hell-hole that cheered when those Buhhdist Statues were blown up (circa 2000) by their brothers in the Taliban.
    Once 9/11 happened and their buddies in a Taliban were complicit in killing 24 Canadians among the 3000…..these same Afghani Muslims on welfare ran to the CBC and STAR to report how racists canadians are because they stopped support Muslims run businesses on Danfoth or being nice to them in public to say hi .
    There was a failed terrorism bombing in that area where an Apartment underground garage had a VBIED car bomb explode like in the 1992 WTC terrorism act .
    The building almost fell over . The Police and Fire Dept covered it up as an Electrical fire from an overloaded power box that started cars on fire and their gas tanks blow up.
    Right…..the garage is almost all cement which new cars are forced to have secure gas tanks and must meet the DOT standards when tested to try and blow them up. I did welding and you can heat up a metal container with gasoline in it because it won’t explode until it has oxygen for the fumes to ignite. Gas caps are sealed tight for pollution reasons and those Cops and Fire Fighters must have been watching too many of the 1960’s Hollywood movies where the car hits a tree and building and blows up when the fuel tank is in the rear.
    In fact…. the media staged that GM truck that blew up from a side impact to show how unsafe they were . They hooks up a spark maker or torch inside rear bed space where the tank was and when the tank split open they ignited that gas . The slow-mo VHS tape shows a flame or sparks before the truck it hit .

    The media covered the story for about 2 weeks because it was unsafe for people to go back in and the TV was how renter got information while living else where.
    But how odd that not 1 City vehicle or Gov Inspection Dept was there to investigate it as well as me noticing that there was never any Hydro Trucks or Electrical Contractors for Commercial jobs to fix the bad Electrical box.

    Since when did the Fire dept and Police work for Hydro and keep their vehicles there as they fixed the Hydro’s incoming Power box unit ??? This was a pro- Taliban area and after Chretien sent troops to kill the Taliban savages.

    Layton got his nickname Taliban-Jack for a reason .

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Jack Layton: One of the lowest pieces of shit that polluted the planet.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yeah whatever. Women complaining about language.

  • Maurice Miner
  • Tooth&Claw

    Women are not people in Islam. They are a walking life support system for a uterus, and a pair of hands to work.

  • “Aunt” I can understand. Some cultures do refer to an unknown woman in such a way.

    Everything else is typical of a woman-hating culture we have no business importing.

  • Ed

    They’re just playing around. They real wife beaters are always white.

  • tom_billesley

    Millions of Indian women have never used their husband’s name – it’s a way of showing their respect for him.