Muslim who tried to smuggle pipe bomb onto Ryanair flight was let go because police didn’t realise it was a working explosive’

A man who attempted to smuggle a pipe bomb onto a plane was allowed to fly again days later because police did not realise the device was viable, a court has heard.

Nadeem Muhammad, 43, was attempting to board a flight to Bergamo, Italy, on January 30 when security officers at Manchester Airport found the device, made from batteries, tape, a marker pen and pins.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, told the trial at Manchester Crown Court Muhammad had intended to detonate the device once on board the Ryanair flight.

Best always to err on the side of community cohesion isn’t it?

  • Brett_McS

    Better dead than Islamophobic. /sarc

  • andycanuck

    So it’s okay to board a flight in the UK with a fake bomb meant to sh1t-disturb. I’ll have to remember that. (This, BTW, is why Texas has a ‘fake bomb’ law that was the one used on Ahmed the Clockmaker.)

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Undercover inspectors will bring fake bombs through the boarding process to catch lackadaisical security personnel.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • Justin St.Denis

    You can’t make up this shit! Reality hands it to you – with a side of steaming dogturd. Sad.

  • politicallynaive

    This is why Europe is going down hill….

  • simus1

    Nadeem was probably also a police informer doing a bit of fun for terrorist friends off the books. The plods would be stuck with a total shit storm if it all got out.

  • I had to read this twice to fully comprehend this.

    This man had the materials to make a bomb but the police did not seem to be concerned.

    And Europeans wonder why Americans wish to arm themselves. It’s not like they can trust in the brain-dead cops.