Celebrating Norwegian Christianity – With a Muslim Imam

Olavsfestdagene – Olav’s Days – is a festival held annually in Trondheim, Norway, and named for the eleventh-century Norwegian king Olav II, also known as St. Olav. Identified both with the unification and the Christianization of Norway, Olav became the nation’s patron saint soon after his death. His day of celebration is July 29, and the Olav’s Days festival always takes place some time around then.

Suitably, the event has historically centered on Norwegian national identity, Norwegian culture, Norwegian history, and the Christian faith as embodied in the Church of Norway.

  • This beggars the imagination! A female Imam named Khankan (Can-can!?!) thinking that she is going to survive all of the claims that brand her as an apostate. Women cannot lead men in prayer, Sufi Islam is widely considered apostasy – ISIS and many others kill them on sight. She does not cover her hair, let alone her face. She says outlaid she wants to challenge the patriarchal structure. I’m only surprised she hasn’t been found beheaded with a fatwa pinned to her torso.

  • Shebel

    Too bad that you are so pretty .
    Anyway—don’t come whining back.
    We are sick and tired of you Traitors.

  • Shebel

    If you want to be a martre then
    You may as well feel the pain.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Walleyed girls make me breathe hard.