Why The Hysterical Left Wants To Keep A White Woman From Painting A Black Man

It’s abhorrent to insist that, merely because of her skin color, Dana Schutz shouldn’t paint an image that is meaningful, respectful, and striking.

Back in March, protests erupted over a painting displayed at the New York City Whitney Museum’s biennial. Some activists stood in front of the picture, trying to block others from viewing it. Others called for it to be taken down, and some even called for the work to be destroyed. But it wasn’t Jesse Helms, Rudy Giuliani, or any other conservative upset about offensive art. It was progressives who were offended. The offense? Cultural appropriation.

  • DMB

    It would be even more hysterical if the left wanted to keep a white woman from being in a relationship with a black man or vise versa due to cultural (heritage) appropriation.

  • mikeh420

    Next, they’ll want to rename the museum to the Blackney Museum.

  • Lightstream

    Would I be wrong to say that if a black, native, etc. person uses or wears anything a white person invented- that would be cultural appropriation???

  • Uncommunist

    ‘Back in March, protests erupted over a painting displayed at the New York City Whitey Museum’s biennial.’
    See the difference ?

  • God forbid merit and expression get in the way of some butt-hurt politics.

  • Bla Bla

    Well, it’s pretty evident that liberals, neo-marxists, and their islamist brethern are the only racists that we need to be concerned with. And they keep broadcasting that fact everyday.