Trump’s ‘America First’ vs. McCain’s ‘America Last’

Not the supposed protectionist Donald Trump, but the “free trade” wing of the Republican Party has taken the United States into a trade war that it can only lose. New sanctions against Russia passed by the House and Senate last week force Europe into a de facto alliance with Russia against the United States, and by extension with China as well. It is the dumbest and most self-destructive act of economic self-harm since the United States de-linked the dollar from gold on August 15, 1971, and it will have devastating consequences. The charade in the House and Senate may embarrass Trump, but it also poses a threat to European energy supplies as well as an extraterritorial intrusion into European governance. Berlin, Paris and Rome will conspire with Moscow to circumvent the sanctions while attacking the United States at the World Trade Organization and other international fora.

  • DMB
  • Alain

    The undermining and sabotage of Trump continues full speed ahead.

    • The Butterfly

      I wish John McCain had put as much effort into undermining Obama as he does for Trump.

      • WalterBannon

        I wish John McCain had died of his brain tumor

    • H

      It will be up to the voters next year to put a stop to him and the other “Republican” traitors. We shall see if they come through again, as Americans did last November.

  • The Butterfly

    Build that dang coffin.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sorry but McCain has been a hack from years

  • Clausewitz

    Let the Primarying of all these RINO traitors begin. Time for the revolution within the Republican Party to begin. The night of the long knives should be calm compared to what should happen to these swine.