The Terrorist Two-Step

Chiheb Esseghaier, an al-Qaeda terrorist backed by Iran, plotted in 2013 to derail a passenger train running from Toronto to New York. An FBI agent posing as a sympathizer tipped off Canadian authorities, who busted Esseghaier and accomplice Raed Jaser before they could blow up a railway bridge.

Before trial, Esseghaier acted strangely, comparing himself to Jesus and the prophet Joseph, and claimed he wanted to set off a volcano. On the other hand, he furiously denied that he was delusional, proclaimed his fitness to stand trial, and sought to be judged by the Quran because the criminal code was “not a holy book.”  The Canadian court didn’t buy the argument and gave both terrorists a life sentence. Now as Richard Warnica of the National Post reports, Esseghaier is reversing himself.