Terrorist meets pizza tray.

h/t Marvin via…

  • Alain

    Excellent. The only thing better would have been for him to have been shot dead on the spot.

  • Sharkibark

    Great. Now the liberals are going to call for pizza-tray *AND* pub-chair control laws. :/

    • k1962

      That’s all you can do. I wonder what would happen in Germany or Israel or Canada if you actually had a knife on you and used it to protect yourself against one of these monsters.

      • Alain

        Don’t know about other places, but in Canada you would be charged. We no longer have the right to self defence.

  • vimy

    When he picked the tray up the second time I really thought he was headed out to hit him again. I was a bit disappointed.

  • db

    That looked like a pizza stone, not a tray. Ouch. Good.