Muslim father who ‘planned ISIS-inspired plot to blow up 500 passengers on Sydney flight’ arrested in terror raids after tip-off from foreign spy agencies

Khaled Khayat – Muslim Terrorist

Four men arrested in Sydney over an alleged plot to bring down a commercial plane reportedly have clear links to Islamic State figures overseas as well as ties to the aviation industry.

The Lebanese-Australian men have been named in reports as fathers and sons Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat and Khaled and Abdul Merhi, who are all related through marriage.

They remain behind bars despite not yet being charged following their arrest on Saturday.

  • H

    He must be one of those right wing extremists I keep hearing so much about.

  • BillyHW

    Another lone wolf with a mental illness that could just as easily have been a Quaker?

  • Are any of them migrants? Has their citizenship been revoked?

  • Bla Bla

    this will never change until the virtue signalers are never allowed near the levers of power ever again… good luck!