Holocaust Cited in Trial for Psychologists Who Developed 9/11 Interrogation Techniques

Military psychologists James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen are two men who helped the CIA devise enhanced interrogation techniques for suspects detained after the September 11 terror attacks. Now, years later, the psychologists are in court facing lawsuits from two of those detainees who want them held accountable.

The psychologists “aided and abetted the torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” their clients endured, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

  • Old Guy

    Am reading the book Enhanced Interrogation by Dr. James Mitchell.

    It should absolutely be recommended reading for every pusillanimous little $hit head that thinks preventing another 9/11 is less important than making a terrorist a little uncomfortable.

    The number of attacks and casualties that were prevented by these methods more than justified their use. Enhanced interrogation should be used on every unlawful combatant we apprehend to extract information about any plans for future attacks.

    • Lightstream

      Any country that isn’t part of the western world, would have no qualms about using it at all. In fact, they probably already use something far worse.