‘Frankly, I don’t want him in our country’: Senator Cory Bernardi calls to deport halal boss who claimed Australians needed Muslim men to ‘fertilise its women’

Mohamed Elmouelhy Muslim Racist

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi has slammed halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy, saying he does not want him in the country.

Senator Bernardi’s comments come in response to remarks Mr Elmouelhy made on social media predicting the ‘white race [would] be extinct’ within 40 years.

The senator says Mr Elmouelhy’s comments show why reform is needed to Australia’s immigration system.

‘Frankly, I don’t want him, his halal racket or his extremist poison in our country,’ Senator Bernardi said.

  • Gary

    Justin will take him in and maybe have him run in Brampton as an MP to get the islamists votes.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Justin has been importing a lot into Ottawa as they take over the federal civil service.

      • Gary

        This explains why Justin got rid of the RCMP rule for hiring where you have to be born in Canada. Now ISIS can send terrorists here to get job with the RCMP .

  • deplorabledave

    More of this, much more.

  • Alain

    The mistake that the senator makes just as all politicians is assuming that a particular Muslim is the whole problem, because that particular Muslim is one of the few saying openly what the majority of other Muslims in the same country think and believe. You are never ever dealing with some lone exceptional supremacist, so unless that fact is understood it is pointless to deport the odd one here and there.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …I knew a Croat scambag with the same big shit-eating grin. .