Australia has escaped large-scale, high-casualty Muslim terror attacks because of necessary evils

Australia foils Muslim airliner bomb plot.

REMEMBER the weekend’s terror raids the next time you have to surrender a tube of sunscreen as you pass through airport security a second time, this time barefooted and beltless, and fearful you might miss your flight.

Be mindful of why you’re being subjected to intrusive searches the next time you miss the first bounce or the opening song because it took an extra 20 minutes to enter the MCG or Rod Laver Arena.

  • Gary

    This is when the islamists and Imams cry Racial-profiling as we saw for CAIR’s Dr.Sheema Khan every time we had muslim terrorism suspects arrested.
    Muslims are peaceful and innocent until the go jihad and that’s when that aren’t muslims and have a mental illness.

  • Alain

    In Canada far too often the ones hiding under bodybags and masks are allowed to march straight onto the plane, and wow to any Canadian passenger being delayed due to the “security” checks who dares point this out and complain.

    Instead of eliminating the cause and the problem, all normal citizens including little old ladies in wheelchairs must be put through the fourth degree. I have always figured that the whole point of allowing the problem, even allowing the problem to continue increasing in numbers, is to use it as a pretext for stripping us more and more of our civil liberties. The jury is still out on this, since I cannot prove it yet.

    • RottyLover

      Stop flying. Kill the beast.

      • caliroxanne

        I’d rather stop Islamic immigration/hijrah. They need to get out of our countries. They are not American, Canadian, Australian, etc. and they never will be, no matter how patriotic they pretend to be. Get out and go home NOW you Muslim filth!!!

        • RottyLover

          Good luck with that. Only if we the people rise up and slaughter them where they stand. Oh yes, I know all about pisslam. It’s not a religion and until we strip them of that status, nothing will change.