Antifa DEFENDS halal boss’ Islamic supremacist claims Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them – calling critics ‘racist’

A violent, left-wing extremist group has defended a leading Islamic businessman’s claim Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them, calling his critics ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’.

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy told his Facebook followers Australia’s white race would die out within 40 years.

He added that with Australian men a ‘dying breed’, local women needed Muslim men to ‘fertilise them’ and ‘keep them surrounded by Muslim babies’.

Despite the outcry on social media last week, left-wing extremist group Antifa has described Mr Elmouelhy’s critics as ‘bigots’, even though he had called for ‘bigots’ to commit suicide.

‘Racists attacking Mohamed Elmouelhy – more Muslim babies is a good thing. Bigots,’ it said on Facebook.

  • Cat-astrophe

    So, Antifa is an Islamic offering.
    Who’d of thought.

  • J. C.

    There’s only one solution… Mass slaughter.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hey, Antifa, do you think the jihadist crocodile won’t get around to chomping you down eventually?

    Free advice: Don’t count on it.

    • Bla Bla

      They don’t think, they only ‘feel’. Evil and stupid rolled up into one!

  • Bla Bla

    This is great… The more they lash out, the more the public sees of their evil.

  • topposter

    So, a bunch of fascists calling themselves anti-fascists, asserting that anti-racists are racist. Are we surprised? At least they’re consistent.

    • Alain

      They really are a terrorist group and need to be treated as such.

  • Watchman