Young Iranian girl gives passionate defence of why she shouldn’t have to wear a hijab

Posted by Stealthy Freedom, a group that campaigns against laws making the hijab compulsory for women, it shows the girl making an argument for freedom of choice.

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star & Crescent Headline today – Syrian refugees rejected because of links to group that opposes brutal Assad regime.

    Poor Syrian Mo rejected as refugee for Canada – says he was treated like a criminal when interviewed by Canadian Immigration Officer.
    ““The decision of the Canadian visa officer was absolutely unfair. They treated me like a criminal. I did nothing wrong. They didn’t only break my heart but they broke the heart of my tiny little family.””

    Did ya think asshole perhaps the fact that you are a quadriplegic on a ventilator, who will require Govt funded healthcare for the rest of your life may be a factor in your rejection?

    • ontario john

      Sounds like he fits the requirements to join CSIS or the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • David Murrell

    One wonders about the life expectancy of the young girl.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing she doesn’t live in Canada, or she would be charged with a hate crime.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Shortly thereafter she was of course gang raped then hanged in a town square.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I always find it strange muslims appear to think that a supposed supreme being gives a toss about what one wears.