Why do feminists make common cause with Islamists?

From Farzana Hassan at Winnipeg Sun

In his well-researched, thoughtful and candid book on the dangers of fundamentalist Islam, The Ideological Path to Submission — and what we can do about it, Howard Rotberg rhetorically asks this very pertinent question:

“How can Western liberal feminist women, often with advanced university degrees, make common cause with Islamists who persecute women, gays and minorities?” …

He labels as “tolerism” this new, heightened form of political correctness subscribed to by political leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as on university campuses, in liberal intellectual circles and among the left in general … More.

Reality check:  Because once you have decided that abortion (death by dismemberment of a baby) is okay, you can’t say no to anything and actually mean it.

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  • Gary

    What’s so funny about Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole is that they are both Jewish and feminists but they support the Pro-hamas Muslms while Cole is also a self-identify Lesbian that would be killed in Gaza plus 12 other islamic nation.
    Klein was at the COP-15 conference for Global Warming ( there was a Ice sculpting event outside ) while she raved about the Movie ” Age of Stupid ” which condemned Air travel by Jets that had the worse Carbon footprint and polluted.

    Watch the FRAUDSTER Naomi Klein and others excuse away THEIR travel by soot spew jets but WE are expected use the Bixie Bikes in Toronto and use 12wt light bulbs in our home.
    Klein is the typical scam artist liberal progressive much like Gore and Suzuki . These 3 stooges want to deny BROWN or BLACK people in Africa and Indian from having their rural areas Electrified to get Hospitals and Medical clinics with Fridges to store Medical items and save the lives or children.
    White liberal are more dangerous than the Nazi’s because THEY don’t wear Uniforms to show what they stand for while the Earth is their Death Camp with slow Cremation to start with non-white children . The White Liberals wanting Zero-Population growth because the earth is too crowded , seem to favour BLACK and BROWN nations to embrace abortion or condoms to stop having babies.
    Hillary would have brought Obama’s dream of Civil war to fruition by millions of non-white illegals that would be killed off among the white people as well but those Whites would be the poor and Patriotic’s the Liberal look down on.
    The beauty of the video is that these idiots and and liars are in the History archives where their grand children can see how stupid grandma and grandpa were to push the Global Warming Fraud . After WW2 it was easy for pro-Nazi Germans to deny they had ties…. but now video evidence exists for Gore ,Klein , Wynne , Trudeau , Suzuki , Obama and Hillary where they can’t run from their past or say they were lied to and trusted the Scientists.


  • Alain

    Once you understand that “feminism”, a cultural marxist weapon, has never been about women’s well being, then it can make sense.

  • First of all, idiocy.

    Secondly, as their egos are dependent on their adherence to rotten political decisions, they would rather chew off their arms than admit that they were wrong.

    (SEE: idiocy)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why? Anything that hates all of us to death is sufficient. Happens to be Islam today.

  • Malcolm Y

    To add just a little to what’s already been said – maybe it’s also arrogance: they already hornswoggled the Christians – I just heard a PSA on the radio telling men to not say anything misogynistic and to stop other men from doing it cuz violence is not just physical it’s also mental. So perhaps they think they can do the same thing to sand natives.