Why do feminists make common cause with Islamists?

From Farzana Hassan at Winnipeg Sun

In his well-researched, thoughtful and candid book on the dangers of fundamentalist Islam, The Ideological Path to Submission — and what we can do about it, Howard Rotberg rhetorically asks this very pertinent question:

“How can Western liberal feminist women, often with advanced university degrees, make common cause with Islamists who persecute women, gays and minorities?” …

He labels as “tolerism” this new, heightened form of political correctness subscribed to by political leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as on university campuses, in liberal intellectual circles and among the left in general … More.

Reality check:  Because once you have decided that abortion (death by dismemberment of a baby) is okay, you can’t say no to anything and actually mean it.

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