MALLOCH: Europa, Eurabia and the Last man

Europe is full of ‘Last men’ (and perhaps women, I suppose we are now forced to say, given the incessant demand for political correctness).

Why is this so and who will come to dwell in these territories we have hitherto called — home?

We are not talking about some imaginary seven kingdoms, as in the legendary but fictional television series, Game of Thrones, either. The point of contention is about a real place, with real peoples, and real nations that have existed for centuries on end, perhaps thousands of years—called Europa.

  • H

    Well that was cheerful ….

  • Tooth&Claw

    With the world as it was slowly disintegrating…they’re dreaming.

  • Gary

    People don’t realize that Muslims don’t have to take over the USA in the near future. All that the 5,000,000 muslims have to do is pour into canada across the border where there will be 6,000,000 muslims to make canada about 17% Muslims .
    Once the terrorism starts here to push for a caliphate …. the islamist go after the Oil fields and railway lines plus knock out the Airports.
    We already have islamists in the RCMP, CSIS, Police forces, Federal Party structures and Municipal bodies on to the the Human Rights Commissions where we see Sharia law creeping into every part of Society for schools and workplaces in the guise of anti-Racism when Muslims are NOT a race of people.

    • krystal10

      I’ve been telling people for many years that our greatest threat is Islam. They now realize I was right. They are all ‘LAST’ people, no will to fight and frightened to speak out.

      • Alain

        Consider yourself fortunate, because I find most Canadians, especially women, refuse to believe me when I point that out. I often get “But I know a very nice Muslim person….” or simply “you are racist”. It is in vain to inform them that Islam is no more a race than Christianity is. The only way I have found to shut them up (not convince them to change their mind however) is to challenge them to name one single country where Muslims live peacefully with non Muslims or even other Muslims.

        • krystal10

          I find it’s easier to get their attention by calmly mentioning their ideal man’s atrocities.
          Also, I avoid the word ISLAM. Instead, I speak of a CLUB, the Club’s ideal guy, the Club’s manual, the Club’s history…

        • krystal10

          Another good argument: When Islam showed up, the Mid-East was 40% Christian. Today, only 3% left. What happened?

      • Gary

        In 1999 I educated a young employee about the the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Panthers going back to the 1964 bomb terrorism plot to blow up the statue of Liberty .
        Seems that the Caribbean invasion in through the 1970’s had created a huge strata from the black community where the racism and Slavery issue was hijacked or just used to excuse away the unwed mothers in Government that spread their legs for any pig they could drag home a bed to pump out fatherless children .
        These angry youth that blamed Canada for their Mothers bad choices in men to spread their legs for low IQ morons that produced low IQ moron children ….expressed their anger in the 1992 Yonge Street riot where they attack and damaged Immigrant run businesses – by successful hard working new comers wanting to contribute to Canada and not destroy like children do with a toy as if to get even with the parent- which was fueled by 2 anti-white racists from the Caribbean that were also products of unwed mothers back home.

        So the young middle class white kids started to think that their parents never worked hard to get where they are and that they must be racists keeping the black man down . The Schools were poisoned
        by the 1990’s by the Communists wanting social chaos to sell Communism as the answer .

        Today, islam is now creeping in and doing to blacks what it planned to do in the 1950’s to exploit the ignorant ones on welfare as victims of White and that Blacks belong to islam in their roots from slavery .
        Regent park and ever other Welfare Housing areas run by the Government now have an islamic group protesting racism and oppression because Lenin knew the value of Useful idiots .
        Dalton McGuinty and Wynne had the help of Barbara Hall to get votes from the Muslim community in Thorncliff park to aprove a Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school. Those muslims were brown and Blacks that used the Race-card where we nolw have jew-hating homophobic pro-jihad Imams do sermons that promote destroying canada to claim it for allah and the Caliphate.

        You are correct to warn about the violent sect of islam . But Justin’s father mocked those in the 1930’s which warned about Hitler and Nazi’s while he now attacks those waring about radical islam where his Pakistani MP is wanting to bring in Sharia Blasphemy laws via M-103 by the fake hate-crimes reported to the Police whic is used to prove islamophobia .


  • Tooth&Claw

    Heaven help us. We know the globalists only want to eliminate us.