It’s PC madness! Chief Constable of VERY white Cheshire force says he wants to break the law to raise the number of black officers

Simon Byrne wants new legislation introduced to allow his police force to hire one black officer for every white one.

We can send you Somalian US trained officers who can fill several quota slots – migrant, black, non-English speaking, Muslim, etc, but they can be a little jumpy.
  • Alain

    No wonder that the West continues down the drain with such stupidity. His mandate is, or at least should be, limited to ensuring that the best qualified are hired whatever their colour. Furthermore a modicum of common sense would ensure not hiring Muslims regardless of skin colour.

    • Lightstream

      That’s for sure.
      As Einstein once said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The English people, if they are to ever be free, will have to do seriously horrific things to a lot of their fellow countrymen, before they can even attempt the physical removal of their invaders.
    Personally, I think they are every bit as screwed as France, Belgium, or Sweden.

  • BillyHW

    Back in the day we could simply fire such people for their homosexual immorality, but now because of all the fag hag voters we are stuck with all these self-loathing rectum-rammers in positions of power over us.

  • lzzrd

    My wife is from Europe, (full disclosure, she is Cossack. Cossack and Muslims have been killing each other for almost a 1,000 years), and she hates Muslims. She said there is a line of thought that, if things get really bad, the US will step in and and save them again. If that does not happen, they, the upper class can always move to the US.
    She also said, that would be a big mistake, because we already have enough stupid people in the US, and don’t need anymore,( don’t quite know what to make of that last statement, LOL)).
    So, my line of thought is, why should we spend hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of our children to save a group of people who hate and mock us at every chance they get.
    Let us start conversation, with the Euros that goes like this, You made this mess you fix it and yes, you may flee to wherever you want, just not to the here to US. Just maybe, that will move them to fix their own stupidity…….Just a thought.

  • simus1

    Simon must have his eye on a post police career first class seat on the local or a national gravy train. “Plays well with visible minorities” tick box filled in with a top score for some years plus effusive praise for his multicult hurdle skills is likely a must have.

  • Watchman

    Chief Constable: ‘But if we’re put under pressure to change, then what are the consequences, other than reputational, from breaking the law?’

    And his attitude probably explains why the 1400 girls in Rotherham were allowed to be abused and turned into sex slaves; after all, what would the consequences be apart from ‘reputational’ effects to the muslim gangs that were allowed to do this for over a decade? Why would the police bother to investigate and bring prosecutions if a bad reputation was the most likely outcome for the gangs?

  • Editor

    No, really. What’s the deal. Is he retarded?