Inaugural Somali festival a first chance ‘to display who we are’

Not only did Hamdi Ahmed have the chance to bake 150 cupcakes, a passion she hopes to one day turn into a business, but she also had the opportunity to share her culture at city hall in the inaugural Somali Cultural Festival.

A-S-S-I-M-I-L-A-T-E-! Wait, that’s hate speech. Never mind.


  • Dana Garcia


    (Bring Your Own Machete)

  • DMB

    I find that difficult to believe that a Somali would have baked 150 cupcakes when they can whine and complain that they the government should give them free food in addition to free housing and welfare. Somali’s are lazy thieves and criminals.

    For your enjoyment!

    • JoKeR

      I wonder how much khat or poppy extract they bake into those cupcakes?

      If they wake you up it’s khat, if they make you relaxed and sleepy it’s poppy extract.

    • canminuteman

      The average IQ in Somalia is 68. That is border line retarded.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Incorrect. It is my understanding that an IQ of 72 or under wins you the label “MORON” in the civilized West. Depressing.

      • John Boy

        Except here in Canada we are all working our asses off to pay our taxes to pay for the government benefits for most of the imported Somalis.

        So who are the morons?

  • P_F

    Mogadishu at your doorsteps. This is no Canada, not anymore.
    With all the wicked people coming over from all the evil places like pakistan, afghanistan, bangladesh, somalia, nigeria, uganda, iran, iraq, syria, egypt by next year it’ll be the biggest shithole on planet earth.
    Right now we are competing neck to neck with sweden to gain that place.

    • Gary

      During the Elections the Leaders wanting to keep their Seat , or Win , go to those same Community centre’s with a template Script to insert the date , Centre and Community to tell them that THEY built canada.
      I’ve heard these treasonous weasels also claim that that group has the lowest welfare rates , highest employment , lowest prison rates , top per person incomes, plus more educated that Canadian born white people.

      Their lies fall apart when the NDP cries racism that the Muslim Taxi drivers have Phd’s and are engineers and Doctors that can’t get jobs in Canada because of racism……but last year the same NDP opposes Uber service because those same Taxi drivers will lose their jobs and have no skills to get a job elsewhere with a poor command of English .

      Justin’s Somali Immigration Minister was at the KING hearing in DC to review the crisis for Somali mosques pumping out jihadists in Minnesota. Our MP is on record ( pre-election MP win ) over Canada’s crisis for Somali mosques where he blamed Canada for not having a 100% employment Policy to create jobs for their youth so they don’t turn to terrorism or go to Somalia to die in locals wars .

      Nice….so somali’s must be assured a job-4-life ore they will behead people or do jihad terrorism to shot up bars and sell drug to fund MORE terrorism.
      I love it when a muslim is so stupid that they create an argument for banning all somali muslims from entering the West . Now this guy is our Immigration Minister and got Justin to give $10 million to Somalia ( this was before he gave $10 million to Omar Khadr) .

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    She baked 150 cupcakes with every single ingredient paid for by the American taxpayer; even the gas and electricity to bake them.

    • JoKeR

      Didn’t you know that cupcakes were invented by Muslims, along with just about everything else?

      • Justin St.Denis

        Right. Cupcakes just scream Somali culture, don’t they? Sad.

        • John Boy

          But if multigenerational Canadians or Americans don’t buy them they’ll be called racists, even if the hygiene of the kitchen is likely to give you e-coli.

  • Tom Forsythe

    “… and this is why we always eat with our RIGHT hands…”

    • J. C.

      NEVER eat anything handled by these people…

  • Tooth&Claw

    The only person of Somali descent I appreciate is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but I believe she’s exceptional.

  • I’m sure the food was lovely.

    For leftists, food is the extent of their multiculturalism.

  • ….

    Cultures???? They forgot to mention that they burn charcoal in the house all day and even cook their food with it!!!! They make their neighbours sick from the odour and don’t give a damn!!