China: Child born from 3rd trimester abortion was sold

From Sophie Williams at Daily Mail:

Woman, 18, aborts her baby at 35 WEEKS… and then is horrified to discover the midwife has saved the boy and sold him to her cousin

18-year-old Lili had an abortion after finding out she was pregnant

She was told that the procedure had been successful and paid the fees

Some three days later she was shocked to find the child had survived

A nurse had given it oxygen and sold the baby to her cousin

This is so cool, so feminist, it should have happened in Canada. It is legal here except the money part. More.

Reality check: A viable unborn child has fewer rights and fewer defenders than a shelter animal. Can you imagine the glitterati at Humane Society fundraisers sparing a thought for such a child?

See also: Bernie Sanders’ wife tried to kick group home for disabled from college property Maybe they were not needed just then as props in the couple’s costume drama of Virtue.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Conflicted feels.
    Is this a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit and perseverance of an otherwise condemned innocent, or are we supposed to be horrified at the mercantile tendencies of your average Chinese that will also kill pedestrians that they injure in auto accidents because their settlements will be cheaper.
    Maybe both?
    Whatever the answer, does Canada or the west need ANY of these people?
    How do they enrich us?

  • ontario john

    I bet Planned Parenthood is pissed that they were not offered the body parts.

  • At thirty-five weeks, that baby could have been in a preemie ward.

    To later on sell him is a further indignity.

  • krystal10

    This could have been during the China one-child policy.
    At 35-weeks, this is a real live baby. Why wait this long? I think we aren’t getting all of the true story.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The Chinese kill babies (especially girls) at full term.
      They don’t abort, they just kill them.

      • krystal10

        I know. In Chinese culture, it’s the male children who provide for the elderly parents.
        They also aren’t too kind towards animals. They’ll hunt a species to near extinction.