Caught On Tape: Explosion Rocks Caracas, Injures Police As Venezuela Votes

With opposition parties boycotting what they call a rigged election, Reuters reports the streets of Caracas were deserted on Sunday as a minority of Venezuelans trickled to the polls to elect a constitutional super-body that unpopular leftist President Maduro vowed would begin a new era of combat in the crisis-stricken nation. That is good news as, following the death of two people yesterday, shortly after a large group of motorbikes sped through the city, and explosion hit, reportedly injuring a number of police officers.

  • JoKeR

    I hear they have a new travel slogan they use in the advertising to get visitors: “Come to Venezuela, it’s a riot!”

  • Gary

    But don’t forget that bringing in their refugees makes Canada safer and that Diversity it our Strength because the main thing we have in common is that we are all different .

  • Ho Hum

    This is a repeat of the Ukraine. I read that of the 144 civilians killed so far only 8 were killed by police. As in the Ukraine right-wing agitators are doing the killing including the bombings targeted at police. You can bet that as with the Ukraine the CIA/State Department is behind this fomenting of civil war – you can bet they are funding and arming the opposition. Why can’t the United States leave the rest of the World alone? Is it any wonder North Korea is desperate to obtain Nuclear weapons? They don’t want to end up like Libya, Iraq, Syria and now Venezuela.

    • mobuyus

      North Korea ended up being North Korea. And being North Korea it will eventually be bombed. Why doesn’t the rest of the world leave Western Civilization alone.