Denmark-Born Muslims More Angry, Score Higher on Violence Predictors than Immigrants

A new study has found Muslims born in Denmark feel more fury at Western foreign intervention, and are more inclined to help Muslims by violent means, than foreign-born people who migrated from conflict zones.

An international team of researchers, led by Milan Obaidi of Sweden’s Uppsala University, conducted two surveys in order to identify signs of victimisation-by-proxy — whereby, in its most extreme form, Muslims born in Europe who have never lived outside the continent become so angry at the treatment of Muslims abroad that they consider carrying out acts of violence.

  • Editor

    Possibly because they’ve seen the Danish people and authorities are unable or unwilling to condemn and punish those violent actions.

  • PaulW

    Once they realize how timid and weak our culture and values are, their contempt for Western society rises exponentially (though it’s there to begin with, make no mistake). Even if they wanted to “assimilate” (and they don’t) there’s nothing really to assimilate to.

  • Manual Paleologos

    There is a trend, here, and it is a disturbing one. The moslem parents emigrated to our countries about 20-30 years ago. They were in small numbers, often professionals or entrepreneurs who assimilated pretty well into Civilized society. But they retained their faith. Nevertheless, they became citizens. Their kids are citizens. Many, the older kids, served with distinction in our militaries, often against moslem enemies.

    In recent years, with the gross influx of low-class moslems the influence of their religion has grown. The native born moslems, rebelling against society just as many of us did at that age, are going back to their “roots.” The Hijrahists (colonists) are importing the more radical tenets of islam, and this is reinforced by legions of radical wahhabist imams sent by the Saudis to spread their foul faith. So these are the islamic role models that the local born moslem kids have to emulate as role models. And jihad is fun. You get to shout and throw stones and set fires. And they are winning. It’s no wonder they are violent.

  • Why keep the ingrates in the country? Let them know that they are free to leave and that there will be no more welfare for them.

  • terrence22

    nothing new here – Australia fond this out 5 to 10 years ago.