Democrat Candidate For Minneapolis Mayor: Let’s Take The Guns Away From The Police

This is the logical next step for the left on this, isn’t it? Well, let’s slow down on it a little bit and look at their big-picture strategy, since the left often thinks it’s won more people over to its point of view than it really has.

  • Gary

    Sounds like a setup where the devout jew-hating muslim cop can sue for Wrongful Hiring that he wasn’t qualified and should NOT have been given a gun .

    Muslims don’t have the IQ and sanity to be responsible for any crimes or terrorism….islam has the highest rate for mental illness based on the News reports and how islamic orgs blame every jihad act a mental illness.

    • terrence22

      islam also has the highest rate of deformities – because of the great number of generations that marry 1st cousins

      • Gary

        Here’s something the CBC has yet to notice. I heard an Imam speak about abortion when the Host of a debate wanted to know islams stance.

        Pay attention…..he said the allah doesn’t breathe life into the baby until 90 days after its birth. It’s no a human yet with full rights.

        Now….watch any video from a mosque in Toronto ( or the middle east) and ask your self why the building codes had an accessible ramp and Wheelchair parking when there is RARELY a disabled person muslims in the prayer area .

        Hmmmm. could that be that the disabled are murdered at birth if it’s obvious.
        I’ve been working on products for the disabled and heard about muslims having to pray five times a day . But what about those in the Hospital and those that can’t bow to Mekkah as disabled. An Imam said the sick have a provision in the quran but i didn’t heard how disabled people in wheelchairs do prayers.

        Ding Ding Ding…… islam doesn’t have a disability crisis to build accessible mosques and Offices which I assume is because the kill the malformed as being offensive to allah or a curse.
        Check it out from now on , even during the Wake for the Quebec mosque shooting held in a hockey Arena at ground level …..i didn’t see any wheelchairs .
        I did see muslims in one but it was near a Hospital and looked like Post Operation from a weakness . I’m sure they kill the deformed if they aren’t human for 90 days after birth.

  • J. C.

    No, don’t take away the guns… Take away the Somalis!

    • Clausewitz

      Take away the guns from the police only after taking away the guns of the Mayor’s security detail for a 4 year trial period.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I like it! No laws in New Mogadishu!

  • canminuteman

    Do it! I dare you! The cops will go on strike. Good neighbourhoods will set up “public safety committees” to patrol their streets and vibrant neighbourhoods will burn to the ground. Then the vibrants will come to the good neighbourhoods and be gunned down in droves. The civil war is coming and it will end up looking like Rwanda. Might as well get on with it.

  • mobuyus

    When the islamic wolf is at the door, and in the house the virtue signaling nitwit liberal bends over backward trying to defang the guard dog.

  • I don’t even know where to begin. I just don’t.