Canadians need not apply: Canada 150 Research Chairs at Canadian universities

Canadian universities have begun interviews to fill Canada 150 Research Chairs, a $117.6-million initiative by the government of Canada to commemorate the sesquicentennial of Confederation. It is a good investment, but scholars living in Canada are excluded. Only foreign-trained and Canadian expatriates can apply.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Did they also say that Caucasians need not apply, so as not to be racist?

  • Canadian liberals could do the world a PC favor by shooting themselves.

    • Dave

      NO WAY! Any survivors will call for more gun control. How about them jumping off tall buildings or bridges instead.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    140 Research Chairs? wtf? How many 1,000’s are there of these positions, hiding out there in the secret government economy?

  • Gary

    I came up with an idea since Liberals love to go off shore to employ people.
    Ontario should dump the islamophile Lesbian and all the parasite MPP’s to out-source or Election to India or China.
    Each Party has a list of Election promises that get voted in by the people , but foreign Companies will implement them and use Staff based in Toronto to give us updates.
    No more Dalton McLiar’s that promise funding for autistic children or crimes to buy elections with that $ 1.2 billion gas Plant fraud or George Smithermen’s billion dollars scandals and diaper stunt to mock Vets.
    The Votes pick what they want and it’s done. We don’t need layer sand layers of paper pusher and Diversity job @ $80.000.00 a year at a desk for a photo-op
    where the person doesn’t really do anything.

    Muslims can threaten to riot all they want but they won’t get a jew-hating homophobic mosque in the public schools.
    The Police will go back to serving the Public and enforcing Canada laws equally for child-abuse and honour-killings that used to be a crime for non-muslims.

    If I wanted to live in a hell-hole of filth and crime I’d move to Mexico or Gaza …I don’t want them coming here where islam turns Toronto into the armpit of North America .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Synthesis and brevity is everything in effective communication.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But isn’t it worth it for all the falafel restaurants?

      • Gary

        The muslim Liberal MP in my area doesn’t seem to care that a new eatery opened up that had middle east food where the men worked to cash and cooked while I saw how the black clad women with hijabs cleaned tables like ignorant peons .
        Through the brain of a muslim it does not pick up
        on misogyny or oppression but when it does the conscience is numb to it and files it as Cultural and religious rights .

  • Alain

    Yup, nothing says Canada or Canadian like foreigners.

  • Malcolm Y

    Yeah, it’s hard to fathom why the government would give their citizens a blatant obvious kick to the groin like this. Usually they have some whacky excuse how it will be so great for everyone and the looney leftists will eat the excrement like it was candy.

    • Bla Bla

      Not hard to fathom at all when you realize taliban trudeau is not on team canada.

  • Oh, no – this can’t be some sort of plan to erase Canada from a map and make it an airport.

    • DaninVan

      He’s gotten away with pretty much every stunt he’s pulled so far; ne reason for him to change his (Sunny) ways. His ‘clientele ‘ will bail him out every time.

      • But this has been going on since his rotten father.

        Political multiculturalism is a failure. We are seeing the final rotten timbers collapse in the fire.