A Warning to Right-Wingers in Quebec City

A recent referendum on the establishment of a Muslim cemetery in Quebec City resulted in a win for the “No” vote — that is, the WAYCISTS.

The dhimmi mayor of the city has responded by warning the “right wing” that he is watching them, and will crack down on them hard if they step even an inch out of line.

  • mobuyus

    ” create fears concerning situations that don’t exist” WTF? So now we go from nothing to do with islam, to no such thing as islam? Wow.

  • Cat-astrophe

    If I am ‘Right Wing’, what are you?
    These asshats who label others with sweeping generalizations need to get it thrown right back at’em.

    • Bla Bla

      They are straight up neo-marxists who should be wearing the same stigma of shame that their nazi brethren share due to their insatiable lust for blood. If we are going to arrest anyone, it should be them for their continued crimes against humanity.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Threats usually backfire on you.

  • simus1

    The story has a major error.
    The proposed muslim cemetery was not going to be in Quebec City at all. The location was across the river west of Levis in a small village.
    The mayor of Quebec City appears to be a vote whoring flake, a sort of conservative liberal separatist federalist lefty ex-businessman. His principle interest seems to be sucking the province and feds into supporting/ building him an NHL hockey arena covered with a very thin coat of private ownership. Which probably accounts for his PC anger with the local Quebec City right wingers who woke up the villagers to the implications of the gift planned for them.

    • Gary

      The other fake News from this story is that the property-tax payers next to the land were the ones that had a vote.
      It looks like islam can’t exist without hatred and lies to pit people against each other just like Obama’s fraud for 8 years to incite cop-killers and jihad attacks .
      Martin Luther King had a dream while Obama had a Scheme and turn the USA melting Pot into a Chamber pot with 3rd world sloths and millions of illegals getting welfare and food stamps as they burn the Flag deface war memorials.

      A while back I heard a Councillor from Toronto say they we should take down any War memorials because the refugees and immigrant in their area say that they feel excluded from canada’s History .
      Basically, lazy parasites that want the welfare and free health care but fled their hell-hole so other people can die for their nations freedom and will go back after they bilk Canadians .
      Today it’s somali’s , Mexican’s and Muslims refugees wanting turn canada in the hell-hole swamp they left.

  • Gary

    This whole Cemetery issue came about from the suspicious Mosque shooting where the Muslims inside it told the Police that 2 persons came in clad in black with hoods and shot up the place with AK-47’s as one yelled in Arabic with a middle east accent.
    But about 7 hours later the CBC and Justin changed the narrative to a lone gunmen that was a white Christian french Canadian that was also a Trump supporter. What was odd was that the CCTV video vanished as evidence to what happened but muslims seem to have the suspect guilty while it still hasn’t gone to Trial.
    The Imam hijacked the deaths to get a Muslim-only cemetery just like the Imam’s that torch their own mosque to get sympathy in hope of having the Mega Mosque permit approved because the Mosque is illegal for the Zoning laws and parking. Muslims are responsible for how people see them and it’s not just the small % doing terrorism but the vast majority staying quiet. The anti-ISIS rally in Toronto had less than 30 muslims turn out and yet a Pro-hamas rally is reported by the CBC as around 3000 muslims .

    Justin and muslims talked about these Canadian muslims that are part of canada. But take a look at the Wake with all the tears . There wasn’t 1 Canada flag on a casket.
    A muslim is a muslim is a muslim , unless they get in trouble outside canada then they are a Canadian that sues us .


    • Editor

      “Muslims are responsible for how people see them and it’s not just the
      small % doing terrorism but the vast majority staying quiet.”

      • Justin St.Denis

        Been saying that for decades – ever since I worked my first contract in Qatar. Muslims are not used to “consequences” of this sort.

        • Editor

          And are actually shielded, via the rallying cry of islamophobia, from consequences of this sort by the MSM, leftist academia, opportunistic politicians and virtue signaling SJWs.

    • Bla Bla

      Flags of the invader. Might as well have been the red, black, and white flags of the national socialist party.

      • Gary

        Take a look at the caskets from the Quebec mosque shooting where Justin and the Imam said these were peaceful Muslim Canadians that should live with freedom and security.

        Right Justin…. their Canadian and that why there weren’t even 1 Canada flag or even 1 protest by the muslims that our Flag wasn’t there.

        Liberals remind me of the joke where a person goes to the pet store
        and buys a dog but comes back to return it because it doesn’t cuddle and want to stay in the house and be quiet like a cat .
        The Store clerk tells them that they should have bought a cat . But the person insists they want a dog to guard the house but act like a cat.

        Justin and Wynne keep buying votes from radical muslims or go to jew-hating mosque that promote jihad in canada and then are shocked at terrorism and hate-speech by them when the get arrested.
        They tell the RCMP it must be islamophobia behind the arrests because we chose radical muslims and pro jihad mosque that are peaceful.
        Wynne keeps buying pit bulls that are rabid dogs but expect them to act like a kitten as passive …..that’s why they are shocked when the dog rips to pieces that puppy next door and chew the face off a little girl.

        The puppy or little girl must have PROVOKED the rabid dog to make it act like a rabid dog. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c952e12e6f9fb201f4bade7d41be6a5ca056d1bea62779eb42412761038466e5.jpg

  • barryjr

    WTF? This hypocritical asshole is a member of the most racist group of skinheads in Canada, the Quebecois french.

  • Dave

    I don’t know about anyone here, but I’ve met/known/worked with quite a few quebecers. And, ya know, there is/was only one I can/could tolerate. And I’m a great person!!!
    Separate, you bastards.

  • Bless his heart

    Says another left of center socialist popular with the people. Just like Adolph Hitler, who was a left of center socialist also popular with the people.
    No comparisons, mind you.