3 in 10 Muslims in US Say “Islam” and “Democracy” Not Compatible

This comes from a Pew survey of Muslim settlers in America. The survey is obsessed with whitewashing the results. And, in unusual behavior from Pew, throws up individual claims of Muslim victimhood all over the early parts of the report.

  • Observer

    And the other 7 in 10 are practicing taqiyya.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      “The results of this deception is very strange, do tell.
      For when I fool the people I fear, I fool myself as well.”

    • caliroxanne

      You beat me to it. I was thinking the same exact thing! Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to read between the lines to see the truth and the stupid libs will parade this whitewashed BS around and use it to lecture us about how wonderful Islam is and how Islam is as American as baseball and apple pie.

  • Cat-astrophe

    This country ain’t big enough for the both of us, one of us has to go.
    I know who I want to be the one who goes.
    I also know who our leaders want to be the one who goes.

    • J. C.

      So we make them both go. 😉