Who is the Ruling Class?

They Exposed Themselves Last Night

…The most privileged people in our country are arrogant and self-important. But they are still dependent on the votes and confidence of the public. To convince the voting public, themselves and each other that they are magnanimous and trustworthy, they make public shows of “compassion”. They crusade to expand insurance coverage for “the uninsured”. They open our borders without discrimination both to those who will enrich our culture and those who will impoverish it. They grant subsidies for all manner of anti-social and counter-productive behavior: low interest financing and tax benefits for useless degrees at schools that offer not much more than “party campuses” and breeding grounds for political unrest, welfare benefits that encourage families without fathers and multi-generational dependance the list is endless. The bottom line is that The United States of America is turning into a modernized reproduction of the Ancient Regimes of pre World War I.

Instead of “The Church”, The Royal Families and the Landed Aristocrats, we now have Politicians, Academics, Journalists and Money Manipulators as our “betters” but the result is very similar. If I had the artistic talent, I would do an updated version of the Heinrich Kley drawing above showing the new worthies loading up the backs of our working people and entrepreneurs with illegal immigrants, affirmative action, alternative energy…,

  • Martin B

    Any politician who tries to tell you how compassionate he is is a lying scoundrel, and “compassionate conservatives” are the biggest scoundrels.

    • All too true.

    • Greta O’Connor

      LOL It’s the “compassionate” liberals who do all the damage. You have proof of it every day.

  • Alain

    The blight of career politicians needs to end in order to reverse this, but it is not likely to happen. Trump is an exception and even more of one when he actually won, but the whole Establishment (career politicians of both parties) along with an army of entrenched bureaucrats (those who run the government no matter who wins) and the treasonous MSM have declared war on Trump. Whether Trump is able to win this war against all these odds or not will determine if the course can be reversed in the US. Elsewhere in the West I cannot see any hope of that happening.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Well said.

  • canminuteman

    To figure out who rules you, figure out who you can’t critisize with impunuty.

  • simus1

    They have picked up a few pointers from the third world. Countries where private capital is present and unshackled initiative creates prosperity tend to have people who are very impolite and ungrateful towards their rulers.