The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics

Thinks he looks Fabulous!

Britain is going full Orwell. The Tory government is proposing to include in the Gender Recognition Bill the ‘right’ to alter the sex on one’s birth certificate. So if a 32-year-old man decides that he is in fact a woman, he could be able to go to the General Register Office and insist that the word ‘Boy’ be erased from his birth certificate and replaced with the word ‘Girl’, or ‘Female’. Even though he was not a girl when that certificate was drawn up. Even though the midwife who declared ‘It’s a boy!’ when he was born, and the birth registrar who later wrote the word ‘Boy’ or ‘Male’ on his birth certificate, were telling the truth. That truth, that publicly recorded truth, that national truth, would be replaced with a lie. We’ve entered Ministry of Truth territory.

The memory hole is real.

  • Brenda

    I believe Canada has done something equally Orwellian for a long time: children who are adopted from abroad don’t have their real place of birth listed on their birth certificate, but are issued one that says they were born in Canada. There was a sad story some years ago about a Roumanian girl who had been adopted in Canada, got the Canadian birth certificate, then was sent back to Roumania because the adoptive parents decided she was surplus to needs, and could not get any Roumanian ID (social insurance,etc) because her birth certificate had her down as born in Canada.

    • canminuteman

      That’s like people lobbying to have sex taken off passports. That’s all very nice until a customs officer in another country who doesn’t fall for this crap rejects it.

  • canminuteman

    This is where the whole SJW trannie love affair falls apart. For the last ten years they have been telling us that sex and gender are two different things. Using their own argument, a birth certificate shows sex, not gender. You can easily determine sex by looking at genetalia in 4,499 out of 4,500 cases (Boston Children’s hospital website). So even if you accept that these people are transgender, they are still of male or female sex, and that is what is recorded on a birth cert.

    • BillyHW


      Of the filthiest kind!

      • canminuteman

        Thanks for the compliment!

      • Editor

        Yes! He’s using logic and common sense! That’s the worst kind of racism!

    • Alain

      Yes, but that is exactly the reason why cultural marxists have worked so hard to change “sex” to “gender” as a replacement.

  • Observer

    That is so cis-gendered.

    If I were a Brit why couldn’t I register as what I see myself as: a sex machine for women? 🙂

    • Justin St.Denis

      If you were a Brit, you would likely not be posting here – or anywhere – any sentiments that ran counter to the official narrative. If you were a Brit, you would be looking over your shoulder right now. If you were a Brit, you would wonder what those Americans meant when they talked about the Brits having no balls………

  • BillyHW

    This could only happen in a world where women vote.

    • Reader
    • Justin St.Denis

      You are smack on in this case, Billy. Women are way too fuckin’ empathetic when it comes to these gender crazies.

      • Editor

        For the majority of the pussy hat wearing sheep, blind empathy is indeed the problem but there is a core cadre of extremists in academia and feminist organizations who use the Big Trans / Big Gay community to further their case for moral relativism and weaken the foundations of western societies. The Judeo-Christian tenets that underpin traditional marriage, the nuclear family, traditional gender roles, tolerance, charity, etc. are relegated to “just another set of beliefs” that can be ignored. They use islam in the same way. “all religions are equally valid so the values that have created our current social organisation and structure are irrelevant.”

        • Justin St.Denis

          No argument here. The whole “post-modern” thing is a ruse to destroy the moral and ethical fibre of Judeo-Christian civilization. This week it’s because……racism. Next week it’ll be something else. They don’t stop.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just another few inches of muck we have to wade through