Christian Mag Says Evangelicals Are Wrong to Distrust Muslims – Really?

New research shows white evangelical Christians hold more negative views of Muslims than the rest of America.

The Pew Research poll shows two-thirds do not believe Islam is a part of mainstream America.

“Nearly three-quarters of white evangelicals say there is a natural conflict between Islam and democracy,” the poll reveals.

  • PaulW
  • Rasputin’s rosary

    “Nearly three-quarters of white evangelicals say there is a natural conflict between Islam and democracy,”

    Which proves one quarter of them are either insane or stupid.

  • Gary

    I keep repeating that my father is of native American background and his people were pushed out of Vermont from about 1600 and then had to flee after the US Independence in 1787 because Vermont became a State in 1791 where they had a final solution over the native issue ( it was tried again in around 1935) .
    He grew up in the 1930 in the racist White Catholic Quebec where the rural natives were only given a an Education to grade 8. No high school for them.
    But in 1942 , he and 3 brothers headed to Montreal to enlist in the white mans war against Hitler. In the 1930’s it was Justin’s Father that mock the threat by the Nazi’s and Hitler when people tried to warn Canada about it .
    Justin’s dad was more than willing to let the sons of the poor go off and die for HIS freedom where he became the Prime Minister in the future to gut the same Military and destroy the same Culture that made his father filthy rich in the 20th century canada .

    I read up on islam and the quran. It’s bad news folks. I have no Old Country to run back to which means that the threat from islam is real because History shows what islam has does to the Natives in every nation it invaded or migrates to . Just look at Lebanon and how fast that Christians based nation became an islamic hell-hole that support Hezballah and has supporters here in canada.
    Then there is Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq where Justin is obsessed with muslims refugees but he has no clue that they push out, or murdered, the natives that were Christian refugees .
    Wynne’s pakistani Muslim Attorney General just ordered the PEEL police to arrest and charge the person for an alleged hate-crime based on the Sharia blasphemy laws.
    M-103 is a ruse by Justin Pakaistani MP to bring in sharia blasphemy laws.

    islam wants me DEAD or if it takes time…my children and grad children thanks to useful idiots like Justin and Grant Mitchell.
    Mitchell tries to educate a 65 year old muslim about islam.

  • I think, in the same way people are enamoured of Putin for not liking Big Gay, that evangelicals look for anyone to challenge that poofy giant.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Personally not enamoured of Putin.
      Just respect the Russian way of not fucking around when faced with a threat.

      • I get that part but I have had several discussions with people who love Putin because he isn’t Obama or Trudeau. Putin also isn’t Merkel or Abe. This is rather like people respecting Stalin because he was their ally while overlooking that terribly inconvenient Katyn thing.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Well, those people are just stupid.

    • Alain

      That is a rather big jump if you consider those who do not see Russia or even Putin as our great enemy and who reject the russophobia that exists as “enamoured of Putin”. While the Soviet Union (communism) was a danger and serious threat Russia is not. I respect Putin because he puts the welfare of his country first just as I would respect any leader who did the same. However, that kind of patriotism is sadly lacking in the West among our leaders with Trump being the only exception.

      • Putin puts Putin first. Everything else is secondary. He isn’t simply a relic of the Cold War era. He wants to revive Russia’s Cold War status.

  • Bla Bla



    I’m ok now.

  • tom_billesley

    “a natural conflict between Islam and democracy”? Who gave them that idea?

  • tom_billesley