Apostate: Sinners Outside the Leftist Anti-Church

The Amen Pew at your local Baptist church has nothing on the legions of offended Leftists. To be a Leftist secular-religionist is to be offended, appalled, and perennially aggrieved. Triggered.

The offense is great because the sins are many. There are so many ways to get cross-wise with the “law.” (It’s important to note that the law changes depending on the adherent. That, too, means that it’s easy to violate edicts, laws, and rules.)

What this system of indignation creates is a multitude of evil people. The sinners tend to congregate and, with their pernicious value system, infect the body politic. Though the True Leftist Believers, Barack Obama, chief among them, have done their best to shun, shame, and socially isolate the Bad People, they persist. For many years, it was thought that financial confiscation, governmental persecution, and rhetorical hostility would convince these folks to change their ways. Astonishingly, it didn’t work.