What’s Behind ‘Multiculturalism’

Two well-known columnists — Ben Shapiro and Walter Williams — criticize the left’s love affair with Islam this week. In his column, Shapiro says that the left aligns with Islam because both want to destroy western civilization. Williams defends the west’s values against those on the left who claim all cultures are equally valid, and he points to slavery, female genital mutilation, anti-Semitism, the stoning of women and the murder of homosexuals in Islamic countries as proof.

Both men warn that multiculturalism is a threat to the west.

That’s true, but it’s important to understand why multiculturalism has become so destructive.

  • Marius K

    The simple fact is that most cultures on the planet earth are racists to some degree and strongly xenophobic.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But by bringing in lots of racist and xenophobic people, we can prove we aren’t racist or xenophobic, so it will all be worth it in the end!

      • Marius K

        What exactly is “the worth” ?

  • multi-cultural is code for LESS white.

    You never hear for leftists calling for non-white majority countries to become multi cultural.

    • Alain

      Bingo! Another cultural marxist weapon.

  • H

    “In short, they tolerate Islam because they don’t think it’s true — but
    they despise Judeo-Christianity because they fear that it is.”

    I’ve personally never encountered this interesting argument before; I believe that it has some merit.

  • Gary

    Toronto just became a majority non-canadian background and non -white .
    It offers services in over 100 languages.
    Watch for the wars when each group fights for power because even right now each Councillor caters to these groups to get re-elected. Each group has been used to paying $1.00 in taxes and get $3.00 back in funding for Multiculturalism money to stay the hell out of the white liberal areas.

  • Oracle9

    Multiculturalism is a weasel-word meant to assuage the population to ensure the elites’ hold on power by abusing democracy through the vile mechanism of identity politics.

    Translation: balkanization. The necessity for totalitarian rule in a socially-just utopia is the obvious remedy for the social instability which is sure to result.

    And few can see this coming as they keep their blinders on, consume media propaganda (or not), as they turn away from interest in politics in pursuit of their own insulated lives.

    And through all this, the sheep are told that Trudeau’s popularity is soaring.