What Has Happened to Minneapolis?

When I lived in Minneapolis, it was a welcoming town filled with hardworking, honest people with family values. Braving extreme heat, politicians attended the State Fair, shook hands, kissed babies, and ate walleyed pike. We used to stroll around Lake Minnetonka and talk about the local news, how many mosquitos were biting, and how the Minnesota Twins baseball team fared that year. Minnesotans made me feel like family and welcomed me for a home-cooked meal. But according to former FBI agent John Guandolo, life in the Twin Cities is not what it used to be.

  • Gary

    Toronto is about 10 years away from being just another US city with crime and welfare housing to be a hell-hole .

    When Rob Ford was the Mayor we saw how Council was upset over the debt being near $3 billion and he was doing little to divert a disaster if it keep growing.
    Right….now John Tory is in charge and he supports their Sanctuary City which is why they are silent at the $5 billion debt that that is racing towards $6 billion .
    Lots of money for the 300,000+ illegals and Syrian refugees.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      And they get the tax payer paid for housing and seniors’ homes before Canadians who have lived here all their lives and been on the waiting list for over a decade.

  • Yo Mama

    It’s lost that feeling of being all fuzzy for being all muzzie.

  • Martin B

    Has anyone who isn’t utterly insane looked around their city or town and thought “what this place needs is more Somalis”?

    • Achmed

      Yes, we could use some more slaves here in Riyadh.

    • Dana Garcia

      There’s no diversity like Somali diversity.

  • ZZMike

    Liberals? Progressives?

  • marty_p

    What happened to all the poor people who invested in condo’s on Dixon Rd in Toronto or live at Weston Rd and Lawrence or bought condo’s on Lotherton Pathway (Caledonia south of Lawrence)?
    Lotherton Pathway is such a 3rd world slum that the banks won’t approve condo mortgages and the utility techs call it Lotherton P@kiway.

    • Ho Hum

      This is interesting reading for me. I lived in the Dixon Rd condo’s in the early ’70s with my parents. The buildings were brand new and among the first condo’s in the city (YCC 42 = York Condominium Corp 42 – i.e. the 42nd condo registered in all of Toronto – today there are 1,000’s). In the ’70’s almost all the residents were white – I can’t recall any black or brown residents. Luckily we got out of there long before the Somali invasion and the destruction of property value.

      • Liberal Progressive

        But Citizenship and Immigration Canada who rented those unsold units wanted to keep all the Somalis together so they would not feel isolated.

        So it was another great Liberal success!

  • mauser 98

    ” walleyed pike”……….??

  • mauser 98

    Obama ..same as Texas

    ‘Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) told
    radio host Steve Malzberg that Obama’s motivation for allowing illegals
    to swarm across the border was as follows: “In the end they have said
    they want to turn Texas blue, they want to turn America blue. And if you
    bring in hundreds of thousands or millions of people and give them the
    ability to vote, and tell them … ‘if you want to keep getting the
    benefits you have to go vote’ … that drives people to vote and it
    would ensure Republicans will never get elected again.”


  • Alain

    What has happened? The same thing that has happened to cities and towns every where in Canada. Muslims with their gaggle of wives in hijab and burkas along with their spawn have become a prominent feature all across this land bringing no benefits whatsoever. As a result we now have state enforced sharia under M103/hate speech laws.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Diversity is their…… oh fuck it. never mind

  • Waffle

    It makes me wonder if the Minnesota North Stars saw the writing on the wall way back when and morphed themselves into the Dallas Stars. I was lucky enough to catch them in their inaugural season (1993). They loved the Big D and the Big D loved them right back!!

  • Waffle

    Heavy nostalgia, anyone? Original theme song for MTM show sung by Sonny Curtis:


  • Editor


  • caliroxanne

    What Has Happened to Minneapolis? Islam and the hijrah happend to Minneapolis and it will spread like a cancer to a place near you very soon.