UK: Anger as members of Muslim child rape gang get legal aid to fight deportation

Members of an Asian grooming gang are being given legal aid to fight deportation – after it emerged they have already received more than a £1million to unsuccessfully defend criminal charges.

There was outrage last night as it was revealed the paedophiles – who preyed on girls as young as 13 – are getting more taxpayers’ money to battle moves to strip them of their British passports and send them back to Pakistan.

The case is particularly sickening because, despite the depraved nature of their crimes, the men are trying to exploit Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – which safeguards the right to family life.

  • BillyHW

    Just wait till Justine gives them all $10 milllion dollars for their trouble.

  • It is so simple and fiendish- good upstanding citizens throughout western civilization are living lives of honest labor and paying onerous taxes to protect and even coddle all sorts of vile, brutish atavistic swine. They are even forced to live in proximity with them and have their mores (not to mention their daughters) violated by them.The Obamas, Bushes, Merkels, Trudeaus, Browns, Camerons and Blairs have this stain on their records.They will be vilified in perpetuity,

  • Uncommunist

    Another fine example of political correctness and ‘social’ justice warrior advocacy. Lunatics are in charge of Bedlam.

  • Gary

    In the old West in the USA these muslims wouldn’t last long because for every pedophile the Sheriff put together some of the local men to ride a few miles outside of the town where these scum bags POS’s for allah had a date with a noose.
    The muslims population would never grow because for every now baby a adult male pedophile was hanged .

    Most other pedophiles stay in the closet and don’t boats in public ….only the muslims wear the rapes as a badge of honour to emulate their pervert prophet that was also a mass-murdering nut case that heard voices in his head .

  • simus1

    Vote whores, bureaucrats, and their parasitic rent seekers enjoy spending other people’s money.
    If they can waste it on funding all sides in a legal circus so much the better.

  • canminuteman

    It amazes me that British judges haven’t been found swinging from lamp posts.