The Transgender Ban Isn’t Fair. Neither is War

The military demands results, not diversity.

The ban on transgender service that President Trump reaffirmed was there for eight years under Obama. It was there in his first term and his second term. And the media said nothing.

Only in the summer of last year did the ban technically end. And, in practice, it remained in force. All the while there was no angry clamor about the suffering of potential recruits who couldn’t enlist. Those who are fuming with outrage now had hypocritically remained silent. Obama had done it. So it must be good.

  • canminuteman

    They don’t let schizophrenics in. What’s the big deal with not letting trannies in? To be in the armed forces you have to be healthy in body AND mind. They could make this go away if their recruiting policy stated that you have to be sane to get in and leave it at that. It’s not so much a ban on trannies as it is a ban on the insane.

  • Gary

    I not sure if Obama’s plan was to have the enemy laughing so hard they could fight which was when the US troops would walk right in and take over.

    I’m expecting canada Military to have all of the Tanks and equipment
    marked with over 50 languages and have all doors and seats accommodate the obese soldier 300+ pounds .

  • Shebel

    I am SO sick and tired of hearing about you transgendered ,ever so normal people.

    So when you join the Military—-
    What do they have to do to keep you Happy?

    Or— Are you just the SAME as everybody else?

  • Shebel

    Didn’t Trump just Tweet it ?
    You act like it was Proclaimed.

    It is good to be a Victim.

  • Alain

    This has nothing to do with fairness; it has to do with ensuring that those who are mentally unbalanced just as those who are physically unfit are rejected.