The emperor(s) are naked

On June 26 Justin Trudeau attended celebrations of Eid, marking the end of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, and Tor-onto’s gay pride, which this year fell on the same day. Mr Trudeau wore an eye-catching pair of rainbow socks, a closer inspection of which revealed that they were made by the Toronto-based Halal Socks.

Perhaps the Canadian Prime Minister’s savvy publicity stunt is like trying to get the Nazis and the Jews in a group hug in front of Auschwitz’s dreaded gate singing Barney’s ‘I love you, you love me’ and having Arbeit macht frei replaced by ‘Love makes you free’.

Back in the office, Trudeau probably discussed with his pollsters if his political bilocation – no offence meant to Padre Pio’s devotees – would do the trick to raise his approval ratings.

This reminds me of a scene from the Quo Vadis movie when Emperor Nero, brilliantly acted by Peter Ustinov, asks a general if the people love him during another march celebrating pride.

But there is something sinister lurking in the hearts of emperors of all epochs. They veer eerily to Vladimir Solovyev’s Antichrist, who believed he was the great pacifier of otherwise unbridgeable antagonists and commanded his subjects to celebrate diversity and inclusivity and trounce discrimination. Under his magnificence, all you need is love!