Now It’s Genocide Appropriation – Muslim Recoils In Horror At Badly Drawn “Chalkstika Of Doom!”

A FATHER has hit out after police initially refused to class a swastika chalked in graffiti outside his home as a hate incident or crime.

Monty Elnadi, who lives in the Riverdene area of Basingstoke, reported to police the symbol – commonly associated with the far-right – had been daubed on the pavement outside the back door of his family’s home.

However, Mr Elnadi has said the graffiti, which had been discovered by his son on his paper round at around 6.45am on Friday, July 14, would not be reported as a hate crime or hate incident and instead was initially put down to anti-social behaviour.

Mr Elnadi and his family are Muslims and he believes the symbol was deliberately left outside his home.