Imran Awan Case Needs Special Counsel 100X More than Russiagate

For years, Imran Awan had access to the secret data and correspondence of many House committees, including foreign affairs. What did he do with it? As I said, that’s the worst case scenario (I guess). But I don’t want to bury my own lede in a welter of ledes, so here it is:

Jeff Sessions should immediately appoint a special counsel in this case whose tentacles are so vast they reach the highest levels of our government. The FBI, working unsupervised, has already been tainted by its heavily-criticized investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, an investigation that actually may turn out to be related to this one. It cannot be trusted to do this by themselves. We need a special counsel.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I posit that Imran is the razors edge on the front of a wedge of Galactic Proportions.
    A thorough investigation could….
    Well, it could uncover: The entire Swamp. The Deep State….

    • I have followed and posted links on this story since it first broke, I am appalled that the MSM has ignored it.

      • Jay Currie

        Appalled but surely not surprised Kitty. Remember, a lot of what Trump is being accused of stems from projection. The Dems know their own hands are very dirty so they desperately want to believe that Trump’s must be too. And as the MSM is effectively the cheerleading squad for the Democratic Party this Democratic delusion will remain story of the day until and unless the alternative media manages to substitute Awan, his family and his employers. That will be tough but it is doable and when it is done the Dems and their lapdog media will be left in the bottom of a very deep crater.

        Can’t wait.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’m appalled that the media’s bias and corruption are far, far worse than I ever imagined they could be.
        I figured that eventually that they could be shamed into reporting some semblance of the truth and that would be enough.
        They really can, and do, just ignore everything they don’t like.
        If Nixon were a Democrat the Watergate scandal never would have seen the light of day much less made it beyond the initial pitch of Woodward and Bernstein to their editor and that would be it!

    • tom_billesley

      He’s fortunate he never made it to Pakistan. It’s easy and cheap to have people disappeared there.

  • Jay Currie

    I have been watching this for a few months. (Not that it has ever had much if any MSM coverage.)

    You have to wonder at the Dems. They hired a bunch of Pakistani nationals to take care of their IT systems because, what? Was it a job just too dirty for an American to take?

    Plus, the Dem geniuses actually wanted these people to have security clearances at the code word level.

    So, what was on the laptops and smashed hard drives which gave these people enough leverage to keep their jobs and get paid 5 million over a few years?

    And why is MSM largely silent about the matter even after Awan was arrested trying to flee the country? Here is where the non-MSM, the blogs, the Drudges and Breitbarts, not to mention talk radio have the chance to prove that MSM story suppression no longer works.

    Let’s go.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      One train of thought that we need to get away from is thinking that the Dems are stupid enough and innocent enough to just let this happen.
      They thought they were getting something SIGNIFICANT out of this arrangement and that something was being able to read the email of all the other congressmen and congresswomen on the network.
      I bet the info that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had on her laptop that she threatened the D.C. Police about was email or information that she wasn’t supposed to have.
      I bet the Pakistani ISI has been reading Congressional email for at least the last decade under the system that DWS set up with these clowns.

    • Bataviawillem

      I guess you’re right, the dem’s have so much dirty little secrets that no American can’t be trusted with it, they would blow the whistle.

    • The Butterfly

      C’mon, which one of you has never had to smash a hard drive into little pieces to keep the FBI from finding out what was on it?

      Let he who is without sin recover the first bit.

      • Jay Currie

        I am told that the drives would have to be in very little pieces to prevent a determined, NSA level, recovery attempt. And I am sure that the Donald will do all he can to help the Dems recover every scrap of data. Even the deleted bits.

        Can’t wait.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hannity has been on this case all week long, saying that the Republican leadership in Congress has been wimping out until now.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
    • The Butterfly

      I thought the Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy podium was particularly clever.

  • bargogx1

    MSM seems to be finally on the case, but only because they’ve found an angle that fits the narrative –

    • Alain

      Gee, just another case of being a victim of “islamophobia”.