Evergreen biology prof Bret Weinstein’s shocking testimony at You Tube:

Here is his report. If his testimony is accurate (and we expect it is), American taxpayers are funding the equivalent of a prison riot:

No wonder Weinstein is suing.

So where are the science organizations that should be supporting him? Communing with their shoes?

Added: Note: Crash course for sci nerds: How political correctness morphed into a monster. Don’t look at me. Look at yourselves. You let this happen.

Take note that the new approach to intellectual freedom does not permit anyone to just mind their own business. Even silence can be violence. Bari Weiss quotes social psychologist Jonathan Haidt at the Wall Street Journal:

“People older than 30 think that ‘violence’ generally involves some sort of physical threat or harm. But as students are using the word today, ‘violence’ is words that have a negative effect on members of the sacred victim groups. And so even silence can be violence.” It follows that if offensive speech is “violence,” then actual violence can be a form of self-defence.”

Indeed, self-defense is often the precise justification for the riots: self-defense against a perceived threatening atmosphere.

The student censors and rioters are generally at peace with themselves, as befits those who follow faithfully in their teachers’ footsteps. More.

Either do something or suck it up. Don’t think you will live in peace if no one else does.

Like we have been saying for some time, the guns are facing the wrong way. The enemy isn’t people who seek learned disputes about the nature of life, the universe, or reality. It is roaming thugs, educated chock full of ignorant grievance and self-importance and – more important – the profs who egg them on. And they now control at least one system in which a scientist hopes to work. If they win, they’ll soon control a lot more systems.

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Nature: Stuck with a battle it dare not fight, even for the soul of science. Excuse me guys but, as in so many looming strategic disasters, the guns are facing the wrong way.