UK Terrorism: ‘Enough’ is Not ‘Enough’

On June 3, Britain underwent its third Islamist terror assault in just ten weeks. Following on from a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena and a car- and knife-attack in Westminster, the London Bridge attacks seemed as if they might finally tip Britain into recognising the full reality of Islamist terror.

The attackers that night on London Bridge behaved as such attackers have before, in France, Germany and Israel. They used a van to ram into pedestrians, and then leapt from the vehicle and began to stab passers-by at random. Chasing across London Bridge and into the popular Borough Market, eye-witnesses recorded that the three men, as they slit the throats of Londoners and tourists, shouted “This is for Allah.”

A day later, British Prime Minister Theresa May made another appearance on the steps of Downing Street, to comment on the latest atrocity. In what appeared to have become a prime ministerial tradition, she stressed that the terrorists were following the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism”, which she described as “a perversion of Islam”. All this was no more than she had said after the Manchester and Westminster attacks, and almost exactly what her predecessor, David Cameron, had said from the same place after the slaughter of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of London in 2013, as well as after the countless ISIS executions and atrocities in Syria in the months that followed.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But they are just lone wolf attacks by those who feel excluded even for those three. I know because Justin Trudeau says so.

    See even UK Prime Minister Theresa May says, it is “a perversion of Islam” because we all know there is no hate or violence in the Koran or the Hadiths of Islam because it is The Religion of Peace as they always remind us and if you don’t agree that is because you are a h8tr!

  • simus1

    May isn’t even being an enthusiastic Quisling while peddling her shopworn peaceful muslims nonsense. A top of the food chain vote whore who even lacks the touch of a skilled fabulist or as George Burns once wisely observed about those in public life, “Once you can fake sincerity, you have really got it made”.

    • Watchman

      Politicians will do anything to ensure that they lose as few voters as they can possibly manage. Even if it means that they have to compromise their basic morals; they justify it with the excuse that if they are not in power they can do nothing to achieve the things they know should be done. The problem is that there never is a good time to tell the muslims, “I cannot support aspects of your culture and will work hard to eliminate the things you might hold dear.”, because there is always a next election that has to be considered and they always need those muslim votes.

      • simus1

        My thoughts on why the elites are so eager to place large muslim wrecking crews in all western countries without sensible reasons are very dark indeed.

  • Solo712

    Douglas Murray is in a class of his own ! We need more informed people like him. Incidentally, I am surprised that has has not pointed out to Sadiq Khan’s shrug over terrorism ‘as part of living in a big city’, that it is something of a sad irony that a mayor of London should think that, given that – courtesy of Robert Peel in 1829 – this is the city that introduced metropolitan police in the world. This was at the time that putting up with street crime was a part of living in a big city.

  • Felicia Scott

    Why does Theresa May always wear some kind of linked chain around her neck. Same big-link style all the time. Is it a subtle sign that she feels she is in chains? If she took off the chains what would she be?

    • Watchman

      “Floating to the sky, since she’s such a lightweight politician?”