Lorry driver is attacked and left for dead in Calais by migrants who hijack his truck in a bid to reach the UK

A lorry driver was attacked and left for dead in Calais by migrants who hijacked his truck in a bid to reach Britain, it has emerged.

The victim stopped on the A16 motorway near the northern French port town before seeing men trying to get into his vehicle.

He climbed out of his cab only to be set upon by attackers who hit him with a brick and stole his truck before driving off towards the port.

The attack has prompted a warning for British drivers to be vigilant if stopping near the port.

  • Exile1981

    Attempted murder, 1st degree. hey planned it and carried it out. The proper response is execution. If you start placing their heads on pikes around the area the others will either learn or join the dilsplay.

    • Better plan.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I like the way your mind works. I dislike the way the Muslim invaders’ minds work. It virtually will force the civilized West to employ uncivilized strategies in order to counter the uncivilized migrant invaders in our midst. It’s going to be a bumpy night……..

      • Norman_In_New_York

        War is uncivilized, but only force of arms will stop an invasion.

  • Ed

    They’d kill a man to get better welfare in England. That’s the only reason they’re trying to get there. Oh what citizens they’d make! (But they would vote for lefties promising higher welfare)

    • Watchman

      Hijackers’ viewpoint, “No problem, he was a kufr and of no worth anyway. I hope I didn’t get blood on my shirt.”

      Leftist viewpoint: “These people must be given asylum since it shows the lengths these refugees are forced to go to escape repression in their home country and the discrimination in France.”

      Fellow truckers’ new viewpoint, “Hammer down, I don’t stop for nothing now.”

      • tom_billesley

        They’ll bring alone some children (their own or otherwise) to place in the road to stop a truck.

        • Tooth&Claw

          However, we know they don’t value children except as cannon fodder.

          • Watchman

            But they know we do, as Westerners, so this tactic is likely to work. I will direct your attention to the drowned two year old Aylan Kurdi, the child drowned and considered more important than any female or child molested by the incoming immigrants.

          • Tooth&Claw

            Yes, but my point is if they don’t value them, why should we value their children. They are programmed on Jew hatred and hatred of the West since birth.

    • The UK is blessed!

      • Millie_Woods

        Let’s hope we never become that blessed.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Hope away, but Puppet Turdeau has Globalist Gerald Butts’ entire arm lodged firmly up his ass.

    • Blacksmith

      Which by extension makes the leftist in govt guilty of accessory to attempted murder.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Obviously this can all be prevented by banning the ownership and use of truck everywhere.

  • Millie_Woods

    I propose a fleet of empty trucks with the back doors unlocked. Once it fills up with migrants, drop the trailer off in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio.

    • jayme

      Nasssty! How about something a little less severe? Take them to the ocean (I mean, who doesn’t love the ocean?) and dump them in (Hey, guys, the UK is that way, right across the Strait of Dover – have fun!) Also, I’m sure they’re all desperately in need of a bath.

    • Blacksmith

      OK, I lol’d on that one.

    • Justin St.Denis

      San Antonio…Potato Flats….Blanco….Parkhill….Fucksville……why get picky? A parking lot is a parking lot, and in a pinch, any parking lot will do. Just saying………..

  • PaulW

    It’s really rather surprising that this hasn’t happened before.