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Trudeau Government Giving Bombardier $100 Million For Deal In IRAN

Apparently, the billions Bombardier has been given by Canadian taxpayers still isn’t enough.

Despite receiving billions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers over the years – most recently $372.5 million given by Trudeau – Bombardier’s failed executives gifted themselves massive bonuses and shipped Canadian jobs to other countries including China and Mexico.

As if that wasn’t enough, now the Trudeau government is giving them even more.

College offers $25K scholarships for ‘LGBTQ advocates’

Spelman College recently launched a $100,000 scholarship fund for “self-identified LGBTQ advocates.”

“Two sophomore students, who are self-identified LGBTQ advocates, will be named Levi Watkins Jr. Scholars in 2017 and awarded renewable $25,000 scholarships,” according to a press release.

California: Imam Prays Muslims Can ‘Play a Part’ in Annihilation of Jews

On July 21, the Egyptian-born American preacher Ammar Shahin delivered a Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis, northern California, where he serves as Imam. In it he cited an antisemitic hadith, according to which the Muslims would fight the Jews on Judgment Day, and prayed to Allah to “liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews” and to “annihilate them down to the very last one,” not sparing any of them. “Oh Allah, make this happen by our hands. Let us play a part in this,” …

California May Let People Dissolve Their Corpses to Stop Climate Change

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize “liquid cremation,” an “environmentally-friendly” process of using a chemical base mixture to destroy human remains as an alternative to cremation, which critics say causes pollution and climate change.

If Assembly Bill 967, known as “Human remains disposal: alkaline hydrolysis: licensure and regulation,” passes, Californians could be allowed to dissolve their loved ones’ remains by the year 2020.

Celine Cooper: Let’s ensure gender parity in politics isn’t just a fad

Last week, the NDP in British Columbia was sworn into government after 18 years in opposition. Newly minted Premier John Horgan unveiled the first gender parity cabinet in the province’s history.

The May 9 election was also the first time that a major party in the province had run more female than male candidates. This didn’t happen organically. The gender balance was accomplished through an equity policy that required retiring male incumbents to be replaced by candidates who are female, Indigenous, visible minorities, disabled or LGBTQ.