Backlash over conservative Iranian television host

h/t – Iranian state television presenter Azadeh Namdari has faced accusations of hypocrisy on social media after a video emerged showing her drinking beer and not wearing her hijab while on holiday in Switzerland.

Alcoholic drinks are banned in Islam and in Iran, where it is the law for women to wear the headscarf.

Namdari is known in Iran as a proponent of the Islamic dress code.

A photo of her in full hijab was once published in the conservative Iranian newspaper Vatan-e Emruz under the headline: “Thank God, I wear the veil”.

…In response to the revelations, Namdari published another video of herself in which she offered reasons for not wearing a hijab…

This time wearing a hijab, she explained she was sitting with family members and “maharem” – close relatives among whom a woman does not need to wear a hijab – in a park. She said her scarf fell suddenly and the video was taken at that instant by an unknown person.

She gave no explanation about drinking beer in the video.

  • Ed

    Push comes to shove, she’ll claim she was “provoked.”

    muslims accept responsibility for nothing.

  • truthdareisay

    Beer? Ohhhhhhh THAT beer. I ordered a small bottle of Ginger Ale and they brought me this by mistake, so without looking I took a sip.

  • jayme

    Well, everyone’s got to make a living, right? There are a few (courageous) Persian women one reads about occasionally who deliberately get themselves photographed without their damn State-mandated head coverings, as an attempt to push back against this horrific violation of their personal freedom and dignity. A very few. Clearly this lady is not one of them and prefers to be a mouthpiece of the mullahs/government, in order to afford nice vacations in Switzerland.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s da Jooz what did it

  • marty_p

    Her behaviour is normal for Mo’s once outside their backwards sh*thole countries. I spoke with a guy who had to chaperone Mo “Business Executives” around Canada from one of the most restrictive and conservative countries in the Middle East. He told me that all the exec’s wanted to do was drink and visit peeler bars while they were in Canada.

  • andycanuck


  • New Centurion

    Not surprising. A friend of mine was posted to the embassy in Iran a while back. He said they all cut loose when they’re sure no one is around. All this Islamic dress code and other BS is just that, BS.

  • bargogx1

    “among whom a woman does not NEED to wear a hijab”

    But, but, I thought they wore them by choice. Love it when the masks slip.