Academic freedom: Evergreen biologist files suit

From Nikita Vladimirov at Campus Reform:

Bret Weinstein, the Evergreen State College [biology] professor who was driven from campus by a mob of students earlier this year, is preparing to file a $3.8 million claim against the public institution.

The claim accuses Evergreen State of “fostering a racially hostile work and retaliatory environment” by encouraging the student protests that forced Weinstein to flee campus for his own safety.

The students were upset with Weinstein for objecting to a “Day of Absence” event that called for white students and faculty to leave campus for a day of diversity programming.More.

Good for him! No more Mr. Nice Scientist. One can’t teach and run for cover at the same time.

If campuses really prefer racial profiling to science achievement—despite their PR claims—they should be private institutions, fully funded by their supporters. Not by the public at large, in which far too many people could meet their academic standards but not their racial ones or whatever else they dream up.

Like most Canadians, I (O’Leary for News) am not a big fan of lawsuits. But surely it is time for citizens to start suing Jackboot U and We’ll Fix U, and – if necessary – dethroning their enablers.

It’ll be interesting to see how many Darwin-run faculties support Weinstein. Maybe they are too moribund for that.

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  • k1962

    I’m all for this lawsuit. It is not lawfare or frivolous like the clock boy lawsuits. What was done to this professor was criminal and violent, threatening SJW’s need a good kick to the gut as do their enablers, the universities.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with k1962 on this. Universities (and most anyone else) are afraid of lawsuits, and facing these will force universities to fight violent left-wing thugs out of a fear of paying out lots of money. Moreover, going through a trial will force universities to give to courts written records of how they internally cave in to the violent thugs. There is a lot of collaboration between officials (,e.g., equity officers) and the thugs.

    • WalterBannon

      just collaboration?

      the thugs and the officials are one and the same team

  • WalterBannon

    What did the professor expect when he accepted employment at a Hitler Youth Camp?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      He expected an environment of academic inquiry, discourse and instruction. The university administration threw away these standards. Good for him for suing. I hope he kicks their ass in court.

    • Will Quest

      Weinstein was an uber-progressive prick, he was always an eager enabler of those SJWs monsters until they turned on him !
      He trained them with unconditional love and now is crying the blues !
      He gleefully seeded the SJW wind ……..He adored Bernie Sanders ……