Yazidi schoolgirl kept as a sex slave by Isis for six months tells of ‘dying a 100 deaths’

A 16-year-old Iraqi girl who now lives in Germany has recalled the ordeal she went through after the Isis terror group kidnapped her and kept her as a sex slave in Iraq for six months.

Ekhlas is from the Yazidi community, a Kurdish ethno-religious minority that Isis harshly persecuted as it seized large swathes of Iraq in 2014.

When the terrorists raided her village, Ekhlas – aged 14 at the time – and her family tried to escape to Mount Sinjar, where thousands of Yazidis had sought refuge, but they were not fast enough.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing she is in Germany. Because if she was in Canada she would be charged with a hate crime.

  • The Butterfly

    Thank God at least she never made it into Mitt Romney’s binder. Because that would have been really horrible.

  • Remember – Trudeau believed that prioritising such girls was disgusting.