Top cat: Alaska mourns Stubbs, feline mayor of Talkeetna

A small Alaska town has lost its feline mayor after nearly two decades. Until he died at just over 20 years old, Mayor Stubbs liked to drink a cocktail of water and catnip from a margarita glass.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I have a soft spot for old kitties.
    I lost my “Buster” a few months back at the age of 19.
    It’s a miracle some of them make it so long.
    The day before she passed, she got off and out of her death bed to thump on my sister’s cat “Nala” for one last time.

  • Blacksmith

    I have a cat almost the same exact color as Stubbs, he is getting pretty old too. I think 17 or 18 now. Comes around and meow’s for attention too.

  • Ann

    As I’m reading about this, “Trukin’, by Grateful Dead comes on….So, Mayor Stubbs, this one is for you!

  • UCSPanther

    Rest in peace, old timer…

  • Clausewitz

    20 years is a good run for a cat. My mother had a runt of the litter that lived to 23. That cat was a true character, really miss him.