Spare me the lecture, Justin

Diversity sucks, like Justin.

‘Justin Trudeau’s little lecture about what happens in Canada should stay in Canada, and not dished out to American ears, is a bit rich coming from someone who was posing for Vogue magazine within hours of being sworn in as prime minister.

It was also a bit rich, and incredibly disingenuous, to call the controversy sweeping the country over the Liberals’ $10.5-million payout to Omar Khadr nothing more than a “domestic squabble.” The vast majority of Canadians remain outraged.

  • sk6actual

    Never forget Trudeau is Phrog for ‘I am French and a closet gay’

  • simus1

    Typo watch:
    “doing the posering poser Man for Vogue” not posing for.

  • This little b!#ch is just embarrassed that he got caught and nobody liked him because of it.