Six Incidents of Unmasking Social Media Giants as Enemies of Free Speech

“Hate speech is not free speech,” the Left increasingly insists – particularly on college and university campuses. In my new book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), I show why the very concept of hate speech is a scam. Here are the top six…

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According to an internal Interior Ministry progress report published this week by the independent news outlet Netzpolitik, a new version of the German police’s Remote Communication Interception Software (RCIS) will be ready for use before the end of the year.

Unlike the first version, RCIS 2.0 is not limited to the surveillance of desktop computers, but can be used on mobile devices with Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating systems. It circumvents the encryption built into services such as WhatsApp and Telegram by hacking the phones themselves and reading the messages “at source” on users’ screens.