Higher Than What? More Campus Foolishness

Don’t ever bet that higher education can’t go any lower. You’re bound to lose. Two recent and sorry examples prove the point. With a nod to Mae West, one foreign and one domestic.

One Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of California’s community college system, wants to eliminate the algebra requirement for graduation because too many Californians fail it, therefore not getting a degree, or taking too long to finish as they finally master the Xs and Ys only after multiple tries.

Almost half of California’s community college students fail the course on the first try, and fewer than half finish the two-year community college curriculum in six years. This signals to Oakley that the algebra requirement is burdensome and must be done away with.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He might not be wrong.
    In our age of credential inflation where you need a 4-year degree to manage a rental car kiosk at the airport, then a higher math component really is a waste.
    Most of higher ed really is bullshit.
    It isn’t what it was 30-years ago.
    Think of it as a 4-year-long IQ test that costs $50,000 and can only prove that you are highly than 100, but that’s all.

    • JusticeVegas Covfefe Fanatic

      College no longer has anything to do with IQ. The courses are far too dumbed down and everyone who shows up to class (most of the time) gets an automatic “B”.

  • Gary

    Next come s the driving test and then the Olympics will get rid of the Clocks, scales and measuring tapes while the Medals will be just one colour and everyone gets one for showing up.

  • simus1

    But if they all “pass” everything and their adult daycare phase ends, what then ?
    Guess all the windmill mechanics and electric car charger technicians jobs will be in short supply. Perhaps solar panel cleaning companies will be hiring.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But my professor always said that x + y = the cisgendered eurocentric patriarchial hegemony?

  • Dana Garcia

    Adam Carrolla and Ben Shapiro will testify to Congress on Thursday about lack of free speech on campus. Should be interesting.


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Academic standards have so deteriorated that universities need to be subject to consumer protection laws, which at present give us more protection in buying a bag of dog food than the second most expensive purchase that we make in our lifetime.

  • JusticeVegas Covfefe Fanatic

    If you can’t pass algebra in high school, then how can you expect to receive a high school diploma? And then waste 4+ years in college?