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Bosnian Muslim refugee who worked at O’Hare Airport wanted to “bury unbelievers alive”

Invoking an unusual defense, the I-Team has learned that a west suburban woman and five associates accused of aiding ISIS say they were engaged in “legitimate warfare.”

Mediha Medy Salkicevic, a mother of four from Schiller Park, was arrested in February 2015 on charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and providing material support to terrorists, including the Islamic State and al-Qaida in Iraq.

Bosnian? I thought the Syrians were the dangerous ones. No, wait, the Somalis, right? Or is it the German Muslims? Swedish? French? Help me out here.

3 Major Food Policy Changes All Canadians Need To Know About Right Now

The federal government is creating Canada’s first-ever national food policy to set a long-term vision for the health, environmental, social, and economic goals related to food, while identifying actions we can take in the short-term. Their goals are to:

increase access to affordable food;
improve health and food safety;
conserve our soil, water, and air; and
grow more high-quality food.

Moving away from animal agriculture and towards plant agriculture and innovation would address each of these goals.

Moving toward plant agriculture while spending trillions to reduce CO2?

‘Getting groped is just part of a normal night out’

Sexual assaults in nightclubs, bars and pubs are now so common, police say people don’t bother reporting them.

Lottie is 18 and tells Newsbeat she regularly gets assaulted and says it’s now “just part of the night”.

Now a new campaign to get people to come forward and report sexual assaults has started in Bristol.

These sharmutas should be in burkas, allahu akbar.

Canada: Prof reports to “Hate Bias Unit” criticism of policies that led to Muslim cop’s killing of unarmed woman

Here is an excellent example of how the Left operates to shut down free discourse and free inquiry.

It appears that a Canadian man, Brad Salzberg, sent around two of my articles, “Justine Damond: Killed by ‘Islamophobia,’” and “After Muslim cop kills unarmed woman, Minneapolis mayor reassures Muslims, warns against ‘Islamophobia,’” to a large number of Canadian officials and public figures. He did so without comment, although he did highlight several passages. I had no involvement in this and didn’t know he was doing it, not that I mind, but was copied on this reply email from Dr. Malinda S. Smith, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens

Another day, Another data breach!

This time sensitive and personal data of millions of transporters in Sweden, along with the nation’s military secrets, have been exposed, putting every individual’s as well as national security at risk.

Who exposed the sensitive data? The Swedish government itself.

Swedish media is reporting of a massive data breach in the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) after the agency mishandled an outsourcing deal with IBM, which led to the leak of the private data about every vehicle in the country, including those used by both police and military.

Fighting climate change can boost jobs, cut inequality — New York mayor

“We know there’s no time for complacency, and we can’t wait for anyone else to save us,” the Democratic mayor told a meeting of urban experts organized by the Rockefeller Foundation-backed 100 Resilient Cities.

“Cities are taking matters into our own hands, because we have no illusion that things will change otherwise,” he said.

Tackling global warming by retrofitting buildings, extending renewable energy and recycling programs and restoring wetlands could generate jobs that could be targeted toward those who need them, he said.

Wait a minute- were De Blasio’s lips moving?

  • Exile1981

    Ok the new food guide deletes milk and dairy and wants Canadians to give up meat for plant based proteins. Even true vegans still need B vitamins which some can only come from red meat. So you either eat the meat or you take pills extracted from meat.

    Several studies have shown that mental capacity decreases on a vegan diet.

    I’m thinking this is part of the plan to legalize drugs. When most of the jobs are gone their will be a huge amount of unemployed people bored and on the dole. If you give them drugs, ‘free money’ and then medicate the water and take away meat you’ll have a stoned docile population unable to make long term plans and easily kept in check.

    • simus1

      Nazi concentration camp diets were very similar in intent and results – just more time sensitive.

  • simus1

    New Yawk City voters.
    They put Germans and Canadians voting for their spectacularly awful leaders completely out of the running.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It’s more than just Soros. The Rockefeller and Ford Foundations have been taken over by far left managers.

  • tom_billesley

    Protesters in Séméac, a town in south-west France (pop. 5500), have built a wall around the entrance to a former hotel to prevent it being used as a migrant shelter. Residents said the local authorities had failed to discuss with them the plan to house up to 85 migrants in the building.

  • tom_billesley

    Food policy, tomatoes and carbon dioxide.
    Billingham (County Durham) is set to become a year-round tomato producer for the first time due to a groundbreaking scheme that uses waste steam and carbon dioxide from a nearby factory.

    • andycanuck

      Too bad it’s a “ham” and not a “ton” then they could rework Stompin’ Tom’s “Ketchup Loves Potatoes” as a theme song. :^)

  • tom_billesley

    “Black Lives Matter” mob protest at death of black man who swallowed a package as he ran from police. Bottles and bricks thrown. “Whatever kids are doing they do not deserve to have their lives taken.” I have no doubt the package he was choking on was just sherbet dip and not drugs.

  • Spatchcocked

    “Dr” Malinda Smith …….she’s a professor you see……an educator.

    They skate to the top of the food chain on white guilt.

    • tom_billesley

      Indoctrinator now.

  • andycanuck

    You tell everybody. Listen to me, BCF. You’ve gotta tell them! Soylent Pink is Justin! We’ve gotta stop them somehow!

  • reidjr

    ABDI who ran from police and died last summer in Ottawa well his group has really taken it up a notch there more or less saying there must be a conviction but there is now a plaque and many have said certain could see this nothing more as a threat to the public.

  • Malcolm Y

    Reinforcing buildings against attacks by giant carnivorous pterodactyls would generate a lot of jobs also.